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9 Best Social Media Platforms for Business

Social media platforms

Once upon time social media was limited only to teenagers,but time has it’s own power.At the moment social media is game changer in almost everything which are related to us.I honestly suggest you that to increase your brand presence, you need to be active on all forms of social media platforms.I agree it’s extremely time consuming,but you don’t have choice when you want to grow your business in all perspective. One of the greatest advantage of social media is you can do marketing of your business directly to those you want to reach.In short, you can increase your brand awareness and loyalty using social media.best-social media platforms

The best social media platforms for business

If you just started business and you want to be sucessful on internet,then you need to do some homework to pick a few social media networks to rule over internet.Here is our guide to how you can find the best social media platforms for your business.

1. Facebook

Facebook is largest social media platform on the internet,both in terms of total number of users and name identification.You can easily connect with your targeed audience via Facebook.With 2 billion active users Facebook is must have social media paltform for connecting people from all over the world with your business.

Facebook is place where anyone can connect with not just their friends and family, but also celebrities, organizations, businesses and more,and it is just possible due to Facebook fan pages feature.If you want to rule over Facebook,create a company page on Facebook and provide essential contact information, and utilize it entirely for their strong advertising platform, not putting resources into  any manpower to publish new posts consistently.The main advantage of Facebook is you can target your business audience as per your country choice,age as well as gender choice of users.

2. Twitter

Twitter is microblogging platform where you can share short text updates ( 140 characters or less), along with images, videos, links, polls and more. Your Twitter sucess is hide in your “tweet” and how many people “retweet”it and how much “followers” you have on this social media platform.Once your tweets start going viral  the more followers you will attain.Hashtags have a major effect in building energy for your posts, so focus on what is trending today and incorporate relevant hashtags.You can likewise effortlessly communicate with different users by mentioning their usernames in your posts, so Twitter is an extraordinary approach to rapidly connect with individuals all around the globe.

Twitter has around 328 million active users worldwide and is one of the best 10 sites in the United States. In light of its wide achieve, this platform is not just an awesome approach to showcase your business, yet additionally a compelling channel for taking care of client benefit.Twitter has its own advantages and disadvantages.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a B2B and employment-oriented social media platform.Connecting with business experts in any industry is most effortless with LinkedIn as it enables you to target them by industry, work profile, and so forth. Similarly as with all online networking, LinkedIn organizes relationship assembling more than whatever other.LinkedIn is connection based networking site so start building connections and creates groups which are useful to your business and brand.

LinkedIn has more 500 million members worldwide  and it is 20th  most popular website in the USA. As you know now Microsoft is parent company of LinkedIn.If you are looking for B2B connection then LinkedIn is best social media platform for your business.

4. Instagram

With 700 million users on the app and 59% of those users checking the application each and every day, it’s most likely that Instagram has incredible reach.Instagram is a visual based social networking platform construct totally in light of photograph and video posts. The Instagram users mostly post about food, art, travel, fashion and comparative subjects. Instagram is recognized by its unique filters and photograph and video-altering choices. Note that this platform is completely mobile: You can’t take photographs or make new posts on the desktop variant of Instagram.

Instagram may best be utilized as a brand building tool on the off chance that you have a decent followers and post wonderful pictures or videos, yet in the event that you intend to utilize it as a showcasing instrument, you should devise a vital arrangement to benefit from the a large portion of a billion clients.

5. Pinterest

If your business is female oriented then Pinterest is more suitable social media platform for your business.According to offical reports more than 42% women are Pinterest users.If you share quality images of fashion, art, home decor, food, or anything else then Pinterest should be your go-to destination to drive targeted traffic to your site.You can also promote your products and your brand on Pinterest.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is most popular in USA,more than 60% of snapchat users are from USA.Snapchat is another mobile just visual online networking system that is known for its vanishing content. The 150 million or more application clients can send videos and photographs on snapchat, accessible for up to 10 seconds on end, to each other, or post substance to their open Stories, which vanishes following 24 hours. In the course of recent years, the application has extended to incorporate visit, informing, picture stockpiling, occasions and media content. Presently, substance can without much of a stretch be spared and transferred somewhere else.

A small company will generally likely use the stage for its Stories, yet remember that exclusive clients who have included you can see the story content. Be that as it may, once you have a group of people, the story include enables you to effortlessly make story-driven and intuitive substance.

7. YouTube

Youtube is the second largest search engine on internet.If your brand is based on videos and ads then YouTube is first choice for you.YouTube is a video-sharing platform with over a billion users, where individuals can see, upload, rate, offer and comment on videos.

Numerous organizations on YouTube have an innovative, visual or instructive part. The platform is vigorously determined by innovativeness in nature, so it’s essential to have a custom fitted video supervisor delivering content. Notwithstanding, your business needn’t bother with a channel to market on the platform. There’s a subculture of vloggers called YouTubers who distribute visit videoss and frequently keep up huge groups of audiences. Regularly, organizations band together with YouTubers for item position, on the grounds that these clients as of now have drawn in groups of audiences.

8. Google+

Google plus is intrest based social media platform for your business. Google+ is owned by Google and if you are looking for B2B platform then Google+ is for you. You can connect with your audience directly or you can create groups or make  G+pages for boost your business.Hangout is major by-product of Google+,you can do video discussion and meeting regarding your business using hangout.

If you observe Google+ neatly,you will find Google+ is more formal and professional than Facebook.Google plus has more than 2.2 billion profiles and 440millions monthly active users so don’t think Google+ is dead.It has lot of power to boost your brand and business over internet.Google+ has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.


Everybody knows,WhatsApp is very popular,cross-platform instant messaging service for mobile devices.Facebook owned WhatsApp has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users and more than 42 billions messages sent per day on whatsApp.

You Can use WhatsApp for marketing and promotion of your business.You can make group of your customers and keep in touch with them.You should also use WhatsApp for your business support.Your customers would always prefer to send you a message over WhatsApp rather than calling a helpdesk number or raising a ticket.You can also use Whtasapp for customer communication and internal team communication of your businnes teamWhatsApp is very simple to use and it is widly popular so WhatsApp is one of the very effective social media platform your business.Whatsapp has it’s own advantages and disadvantages for business.

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