how to upload pictures or videos to Snapchat from a gallery or camera roll on Android

You can easily share your photos from your Android phone gallery or camera roll with your friends by using Snapchat. You can also easily talk to your friends and you can view live stories from around the world using a Snapchat app. One of the features that make Snapchat so well known is a direct result of its creativity. But, for your information, you can only send pictures from your camera roll/gallery as snap to your friends just like a message, in your Snapchat conversation. Here is a guide on how to upload pictures or videos to Snapchat from a gallery or camera roll on Android.

Snapchat photo sharing app provides a lot of useful features for their users, but you have to stay connceted to the internet while sharing photos and stories on Snapchat. While capturing funny moments , you would wish to catch that specific moment and offer it among your friends  and family memebers. Some times you take selfies and you keep it in your phone gallery to share later or the other day. To do this you need an option of share images from your phone gallery or camera roll.

Snapchat upload : Uploading images from gallery/camera roll to Snapchat chat on Android

As i mentioned earlier you can upload pictures to your Snapchat conversation. Here is step by step guide for how upload images from the gallery to your conversation.

Method 1:

To upload pictures from your gallery to Snapchat CHAT, you can simply go to your gallery or camera roll and select the picture. Click on send option.


Select Sanpchat. If you don’t see Snapchat, scroll and tap on the more icon (indicated by three dots).


You can edits your pic , like all snapchat pics — insert texts and emojis (you can also use other Snapchat filters)& click the white arrow button.apply-snapchat-filters

Choose the people you want to send the picture to and tap send.


They will be able to see the photo that you send in their Chat chat-inbox

You can take a video  tour of how to send photos from your phone camera roll to snapchat friends.

Method 2:

Is there any other way to upload photos from your  phone gallery to your snapchat friend inbox? Yes!. Simply go to Snapchat. Select the person you want to send the picture to. Then swipe right across the screen.

You will see an option to upload a photo or record an audio or video. Tap on the upload icon. This will take you to your camera roll or gallery. Select the photo that you want to send and hit the send button. That’s it.


Uploading images from gallery to Snapchat STORY

To the extent the tenets are concerned, snaps and stories are for the most part unique photos and videos that you take from your hone. Stories fill a need, it’s an account of what you’re doing well now inside 24 hours. What’s more, it looks bad to upload pre-recorded snaps to your story. Yet, I’m certain you have your reason. In your android phones, it is possible to use photos and videos from your gallery and send it as a snap or story using third-party apps.

Step 1: Go to and download the casper app.Once you have downloaded the Casper apk file. Install it.

Your Android Settings may not allow you to install the file at first, so you need to give permission to install an app from unknown sources. Your Android Settings may not allow you to install the file at first, so you need to give permission to install the app from unknown sources. Go to Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Sources.

Step 2: You have to log out from your Snapchat account to use casper app.

Step 3:  Now login to casper.Just open the casper app and login with your Snapchat credentials (username and password). You will see that the interface is almost similar to Snapchat, except it does not have a camera screen.

Step 4:Upload a photo or video from your gallery. Make necessary edits, as in Snapchat. You can add texts, emojis, etc.

Step 5: Now send your edited photo  as snap or story. You can  send a snap to your friends as well as in your Snapchat story.

Step 6: To see your Snapchat story log out from casper app and log back in on Snapchat and see that the snap is actually in your story. That’s it.

Note: Use Casper at your own risk, because Snapchat does not support third part apps. So don’t use Casper regularly and use it when you don’t have any choice.

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