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Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter

Last updated on June 5th, 2021 at 11:50 pm

Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter
Twitter is a powerful social marketing tool and a leading online community. Every day billions of people use it. But Twitter has its own advantages and disadvantages. This post will give you all merits and demerits of Twitter in detail.

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Advantages of Twitter:

1)Twitter is free:

Like other social networking sites, Twitter also provides free service to users and this is the main advantage of Twitter. Nowadays Twitter starts some paid services but they don’t compulsory on users they give freedom to the user to choose services. Twitter is free so anyone can join it freely.

2)Twitter is easy to join and use: Joining Twitter is very easy you can join twitter within a minute and start tweeting. You can also start following people from the starting time of joining Twitter.Twitter is free from advertisement and its interface is very handy to use. On Twitter, you want only to follow people to get updates, news, tweet,re-tweet, and messages.

3)Twitter is massive: Twitter has a billion registered users and millions of active users every day. Nowadays all kind of people uses Twitter so you can follow people on Twitter which you know. Also, most famous people, famous stars, and celebrities use Twitter so you can keep in touch with them by following them on Twitter. By using Twitter you can also target your audience for your business, no matter how big or small your business.
4)Twitter for business: You can communicate directly with your targeted market by using Twitter. Means businesses use Twitter to share information with their services and build a relationship with customers and partners.
You can research your market by using Twitter and interact with them within a second. For business purposes, you can pass your business-minded info very easily and effectively by posting just 140 charters tweets, and it is free.
5)Twitter security: Twitter provides very high-level security about users’ accounts. Twitter has a very high kind of security policy. Also, Twitter provides you the option of protecting your personal information. Twitter also gives you the option of report spam.
6)Some other advantages of Twitter:
  • You can use Twitter on your smartphones, and Twitter apps are available for every smartphone.
  • You can follow anyone on Twitter and anyone can follow you.
  • Twitter also provides you SMS notification, which means you can get Twitter notification instantly.
  • You can use a tweet in your blog post or on your website by using the embed tweet option.
  • You can use your Twitter id to log in to other websites and also post a comment by using it.
  • Tweets are very easy to create and by using lots of Twitter apps you can do lots of interesting stuff also by using a third-party application like hoot suite you can set your tweet to update automatically. Thus Twitter has many advantages which make Twitter the best.

Though Twitter has huge advantages it has also some disadvantages.

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Disadvantages of Twitter:

1)Inactive and fake Twitter accounts:

Though Twitter has a billion users most of them either inactive or not used regularly. Most Twitter accounts are fake which are made to cheat and harass someone.

2)Spam problem: Twitter has also a spam problem like other social networking sites. Some Twitter user only tweet their products, blog, or website links. Also, some user sends spam messages or they spam you by tweeting spam tweets. Twitter also face overloading problem means due to large numbers of the user it gets crashed.

3)Twitter is addictive: The main disadvantage of Twitter is its addiction. Once you start to use Twitter you will get more involved in Twitter. So once you become Twitter addictive it kills your precious time and it consumes your most valuable time.
4)Limited 140 characters tweet: Twitter provides only 140 charters tweet, which means you can’t use characters more than 140. If you want to tweet more than 140 characters you have to use third-party applications. Now you can tweet 280 charters tweet.
5)Twitter is not more effective for visual content: Twitter is more link-based. If you want to share more photos, videos on Twitter then it’s no more effective than other photo and video sharing sites.
Thus Twitter has also disadvantages that could be harmful to the user. So you have to use Twitter carefully to avoid these disadvantages. 

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