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Lumia 435 & 532 : Microsoft’s answer to Android One

Toss toss ,what do you got ? and the Answer pretty much is Android ! Well that’s the case of anyone thinking to buy a new phone nowadays . Whenever we think of buying a new phone ,first thing what comes to our mind is Future proofing ,ain’t it? Being a part of an already wide eco-system is always better ... Read More »

How to use WhatsApp on your web browser

WhatsApp recently announced the launch of its web client, WhatsApp Web, enabling users to access their WhatsApp conversations through web browsers. The log in method for WhatsApp Web is different from other sites where you require an ID and password, but it’s simple enough for an average user. So, let’s have a look at the steps required to use this latest ... Read More »

WhatsApp now available on Web!

A day after WhatsApp started banning users for using unauthorized applications, the company has announced the launch of its own web client. Users can now access their WhatsApp conversations through desktop web browser. For the time being, it works only on Google Chrome. WhatsApp has posted the following about its new feature on their official blogspot: Today, for the first time, millions ... Read More »

Whatsapp banning users of Whatsapp Plus

WhatsApp is reportedly banning users who have installed the third party app WhatsApp Plus. Users, mostly from India, have posted the screenshots of the message they are getting which says that they are temporarily banned for 24 hours for “violating the terms of services”. WhatsApp has posted the following as the reason for this sudden action on the official website ... Read More »

Facebook Plans to Control Hoaxes and Fake News Stories

Facebook said on Tuesday goal of  News Feed is to catch up with your friends and things which matters to you, so Facebook has taken step to cracking down “Hoaxes” and fake news stories that can spread like wildfire all over Facebook . FB plans to filter news stories from fake stories and try to give more reliable news to user. ... Read More »

HTC One M9 to be launched in March, will have a 20 MP camera!

With the Mobile World Congress (MWC) just a few weeks away, rumors and leaks of new launches are trending on the web. One such report from Bloomberg suggests that the latest flagship from HTC will be launched during MWC 2015 in Barcelona. With HTC struggling in the market, this could be a big launch for the company which has recorded ... Read More »

Nexus 9 : Google’s Answer to ipad

Tablets ,a place that exists between Laptops & smartphones particularly  to be specific! You can even call tablets as a blown up version of a Smartphone ,whether it comes from Apple or Google territory for that matter ,Tablets as a category was invented by Apple ,as a part of which they are always One Step ahead of the competition. Well ... Read More »

Xiaomi Unveils Mi Note And Mi Note Pro

Top Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has unveiled its latest flagships – Mi Note and Mi Note Pro at the company’s Beijing event on Thursday. With a price tag of $370 and  $530 respectively, these new devices are not exactly cheap like Xiaomi’s previous flagships, but still costs half the price of phones with similar specifications. Mi Note The Mi Note ... Read More »

Android One gets Official CyanogenMod support

When it came to low-end budget smartphone market Xiaomi was pretty much the name of the game ,providing quality hardware capable enough to run most ,throughout the day but lacking the department in software regarding Future Software Upgrades ,Until Google tackled in the Low end market with its Android One initiative Barging in the boundaries and making Stock Android run ... Read More »

Google Translate just got smarter

Planning to travel somewhere where you haven’t been before ,but worrying about the local language issue ? in short going to a completely new environment and knowing nothing about the surrounding or maybe few catchy phrases might be annoying/difficult sometimes. Google took in a step and changed the whole game ,when it comes to Translation ,Google Translate is what we ... Read More »

Samsung planning to buy BlackBerry?

    Reuters today reported that Samsung Electronics offered to buy BlackBerry Ltd for about $7.5 billion. Sources have told that executives from the two companies met last week to discuss about the transaction, asking not to be identified since the conversations are private. The report states that Samsung has offered a price that’s at least 37 percent more than ... Read More »

How to Stop Game and App Requests on Facebook

While Facebook is an easy way to connect with old and new friends, it certainly comes with a few headaches. Request of games and applications is the topmost annoying thing for an average user. Such users receive at least 2 out of 5 Facebook notifications like: Your friend invited you to play Candy Crush Your friend invited you to play ... Read More »