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How to Mute People on Twitter ,Facebook and Google Plus


How to Mute People on Twitter Without Unfollowing Them If you are following lot of people on Twitter,then you will get lot of tweets on your Twitter timeline and sometimes it will very annoying.Luckily, it’s easy to mute people on Twitter and they won’t be able to find out. From a Tweet, click the more icon (the three circles next to the ... Read More »

How to Post to Facebook from Twitter

Post to Facebook from Twitter

Ever needed to post something on both Twitter and Facebook, yet would not like to retype a similar thing in both applications? You can connect your Twitter and Facebook account so that you can easily share your Twitter tweets to  Facebook timeline, without any extra efforts. And here is step by step guide for how to post to Facebook from Twitter. Log into ... Read More »

How to Privately Share Tweets via Direct Message

How to Privately Share Tweets via Direct Message

Now days twitter is working hardly to improve their website look. Along with website changes twitter also adding lot of another useful new features to engage users. Direct Message is one of very important feature of twitter and twitter trying to make it very effective and user friendly. Firstly twitter lifted 140 character limit in direct messages and then twitter added direct message ... Read More »

How to Create a Poll on Twitter

How to Create a Poll on Twitter

Already Twitter has poll option.Means you can easily create your own Twitter polls on Twitter. Means now you can create Twitter poll without any third party app or website.By using Twitter poll option you can ask question to your followers.The polls last for 24 hours and followers anonymously choose between two short answers,you can extend answers option up to four. You ... Read More »

How to Disable Autoplay Videos on Twitter

How to stop auto-play videos on twitter

Recently i wrote about how to stop auto-playing videos on Facebook, today i am writing about how to disable video auto playing on your Twitter timeline. Its very annoying when you log in to your Twitter account and all videos start playing automatically. So its always better to stop videos from auto-playing. You can stop all videos,Gifs and Vines from ... Read More »

How to Embed Twitter Tweets to your Blog/Website

How to Embed Twitter Tweets to your Blog/Website

Recently i wrote about how to embed Facebook videos on your website or blog post. Today i am  writing about how to embed Twitter tweets to your blog or website.As we all know Twitter is very useful and strong tool for both for both businesses and professionals. Recently  Google also add Twitter tweets to it’s desktop search result. So now days you might ... Read More »

Google Adds Tweets To Its Desktop Search Results


On Friday 08/21/2015 Google and  Twitter announced that now you can  see Tweets in the Google search results on desktop too. You got it, @google. We’ll bring the Tweets. 🎉 — Twitter (@twitter) August 21, 2015 SEE MORE : Twitter Redesign:7 Things To Understand Google made this announcement through their official blog and then Google tweet same update on Twitter with ... Read More »

Twitter Redesign:7 Things To Understand

It seems like Facebook and Twitter has competition of redesign features and layout.Recently twitter done lot of redesign in twitter features and if you are  using twitter for your business purpose or for social marketing then you should aware about new resigned features of twitter. Of course twitter won’t change basic 140 charters limit of tweet.Just take look what is ... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter

Twitter is powerful social marketing tool and a leading online community.Everyday billions people use it.But twitter has its own advantages and disadvantages.This post will give you all merits and demerits of twitter in detail. Advantages of Twitter: 1)Twitter is free:   Like other social networking sites twitter also provide free service to users and this is main advantage of twitter.Now ... Read More »

How to Update Your Facebook Status or Tweet in the Future

If you are busy in your real life and you wanted to update your Facebook status at future time and date.Also you wanted to tweet something in the future,but type it out now in present?.Also you can send out a reminder for an upcoming event that you are organizing or managing?.Then don’t be worry just try or use  Postcron web-based ... Read More »