It seems like Facebook and Twitter has competition of redesign features and layout.Recently twitter done lot of redesign in twitter features and if you are  using twitter for your business purpose or for social marketing then you should aware about new resigned features of twitter. Of course twitter won’t change basic 140 charters limit of tweet.Just take look what is redesigned and announced by twitter:

1)Twitter Profile Redesign: 

Twitter:profile redesign
Twitter done redesign user profiles,and they started testing profile redesign in Feb 2014 and roll out Apr 08 2014.This main twitter profile redesign almost look like Facebook user profile’s.New profile design with larger profile photo and banner photo means header image which like FB cover photo.In this new redesign all elements on your twitter theme appears big means your twitter profile picture,header image and your tweets will appear big on their popularity on twitter. 

2)Your Best Tweets or Big Tweets:

Best tweets or big tweets
Suppose you tweeted something and that got 1000 retweets and 100 favorites. That one appear larger on your twitter profile than other less popular tweet.This redesign not impact on brand new user This design will work effectively if you have lot of followers on twitter. 

3)Pinned Tweet:

Twitter:Pinned tweet
The new “pinned tweet” feature make lot of sense,by using this option you can pin one of your tweets to the top of your page so its easy to your followers to see what you’re all about.Due pinned tweet option your follower don’t be able to ignore your tweet more.This option also like Facebook pin to top option.In Facebook also you can pin your post at top.Anyway in twitter if you want to pin your tweet then Click on “More” option on tweet,select “Pin to your profile page” and that tweet will be first thing your followers or visitors see.

4)Filtered Tweets:

Filtered Tweets
A twitter designer David Bellona reported on twitter’s blog, the lets user can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles.Due to filtered tweets design its easier to followers to view specific content such as photos,videos,tweets or replies which are related to your account.In new filtered tweets design photos and videos are now integrated with their respective tweets rather than open in new separate window.

5)Real Time Notifications:

Twitter real time notification
To increase your  interaction with your followers,twitter brings new real-time notifications on when you logged in to twitter,you will see a pop up  notification when someone is engaging with your tweets means when someone replies/retweets/favorites/ your tweet and when you get new follower or direct message.You respond within the pop-up window to user who sends you direct message or who retweets one of your tweet.The notification will appear in the lower-right hand corner of the use’s timeline.Twitter real-time notification option is little different than Facebook notification.

6)Following List:

Twitter redesign:following list
Twitter also redesigns following list.Means If you want to see your twitter follower then you will be surprised by new look of following list.Now it’s no longer vertical list look now it’s completely a tiled board that include all info of your followers also.   

7)Photo Tagging:

Twitter photo tagging
Twitter also announced the photo uploading changes in mobile features to its iOS  and Android mobile apps.In photo tagging now you can able to tag up to 10 people in a single photo and other people also will tag you.While in other feature now you can include four photos in a single tweet.This photo sharing and tagging will not affect on your 140 characters,it still remain 140.
Thus the Twitter making several changes to its design and revamping it.If any changes i forget to add then feel free to mention it.
Images Via:Twitter

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