Offline Multiplayer Android Games

good multiplayer android gamesHere is a list of best offline multiplayer android games. The user doesn’t need an internet connection in order to play these games. These games are available for free in the Google play store.

The list of offline multiplayer android games is showcased to users on the basis of ratings and reviews from Google play store.

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Offline Multiplayer Android Games

1. Gravity Guy

Theme: In a world of Gravity rules where all the laws of gravity are broken, a guy runs for his life with a gravity suit to escape from the Gravity troops. The Gravity guy keeps on running and if stops or gets obstructed he is then a dead man. All that a user needs to do is to guide the Gravity guy to escape from obstacles and gravity troops.

In the multiplayer version of the game, four players are able to play the game. It is up to the players how many will be playing the game and all the players involved play the game at a time on a single screen.

App View :Gravity-Guy-FREE-Android-Apps-on-Google-Play
Key Features :

  • 4 Player game
  • No internet connection needed
  • Excellent user interface with cool animations.

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay com.miniclip.gravityguy&hl=en]

2. Tap Battle

Theme: As the title suggests, the game is about tapping in which the device’s screen is divided into two halves and one player is allowed to tap the screen from each half. The count for a number of taps is calculated and the player with the highest number of taps wins. In this game, you can use any number of fingers to tap the screen. It is up to the players’ rules on how to tap the screen.

App View: Tap-Battle-Android-Apps-on-Google-PlayKey Features :

  • Two Player Game.
  • Simple and easy to play.
  • Consume very less amount of battery.

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay]

3. Air Hockey Deluxe

Theme: We already know about Air Hockey which is available on almost all game stations and game hubs, now it is introduced into mobiles. For the people who don’t know about the game here is a brief description.

Air hockey is a two player game in which two players are provided with an air striker each and the goal is to hit the coin provided into the goal post. Every Player needs to hit the coin with air striker into goal post which is exactly opposite to him. If a player hits the coin into the goal post on his side then opposing player gets scores.

App View :Tap-Battle-Android-Apps-on-Google-Play
Key Features :

  • Two Player Game.
  • Easy User interface.
  • Easy to play and addictive.
  • No internet connection needed.

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay ]

4. Wizard Wars

Theme: The game’s theme is quite different from all the above games. The allows two players to play at a time and each player is treated as a wizard with different powers and all that user has to do is to help the wizard use his powers in a correct and quick manner to defeat the opponent user.

App View :Wizard-Wars-Multiplayer-Duel-Android-Apps-on-Google-Play
Key Features :

  • Two player game.
  • Use of superpowers in a quick and dominating way.
  • The user interface is quite a complex and takes time to adapt to the Game controls and rules.
  • No internet connection required.

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay jagdos.wizardwars&hl=en ]

5. 2 Player Reactor

Theme: 2 Player reactor game is a fun and quick reaction game. Answer before your friend or other user does it. A lot of mini-games are introduced in the game. The game turns out in to puzzle, adventure and fun fighting game.

App view :2-Player-Reactor-Multiplayer-Android-Apps-on-Google-Play
Key Features :

  • Two player game.
  • Simple animations and graphics.
  • Easy user interface and quite easy to adapt to the game.
  • No internet connection required.

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay ]

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