5 best spy camera apps For android tablets and android smart phones

Hey guys, here is a list of Spy camera apps or secret camera apps for Android tablet users and Android mobile phone users. The secret or spy camera apps let you monitor activities secretly by capturing the images and recording videos in a silent manner. No one can possibly know that you are monitoring them and even the screen doesn’t display what is being captured but once a scene is captured or recorded, it is directly stored onto your preferred storage system.5 best spy camera apps For android tablets and android samart phones

The below list of Secret camera apps for Android devices is completely based on the ratings and reviews of the users from the Play Store. Here is the list of 5 best spy camera apps For Android tablets and Android smartphones.

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5 Best Spy Camera Apps For Android Tablets and Android Smart Phones

1. Mobile Hidden Camera

The ‘Mobile hidden camera’ when installing from Play Store, it displays the icon and text as Simple notepad, so that others don’t even know that a spy camera is installed on your device. The app helps in capturing images and recording video secretly. However, the quality if the image is little low, the app is rated top for its features.

App View :Mobile-Hidden-Camera
Key Features :

  • No shutter sound.
  • Files are stored in a private folder.
  • Captures Images and Records videos silently.
  • Quick Quit mode.

Download the Apk here: Mobile Hidden Camera APK

2. [High Quality] silent camera

Most of the spy cameras lacks picture resolution and image quality. But in high-quality silent camera, a user doesn’t need to worry about the quality of the picture that is captured. The app itself is specially build to capture images in high quality. The silent camera app has two different modes of capturing the images IE 1. Vibration mode, in which phone is vibrated when ever a photo is taken silently and 2. Black Screen mode, in which screen goes black while capturing. However, video recording is not yet integrated inyo the app but it still tops the list with its quality image capturing.

App View :High-Quality-silent-camera
Key Features :

  • Volume up button takes 5 photos in a sequence.
  • Two different modes of shooting.
  • Quick access through Widget.
  • A simple touch on background captures images.

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay com.oss.mcam ]

3. Super Spy Camera+

The super spy camera plus is an advanced version of the app super spy camera which was lacked by several features and has drawbacks. With the Super Spy Camera plus, you can capture the images silently and you have an option of saving the captured images where ever you want after capturing the image. The app also has a feature of Auto shot, which helps in taking continous shots in sequence. Though the app has complaints on few mobiles, the developers seem to respond quickly and solve the issue.

App View :Super-Spy-Camera
Key Features :

  • No Shutter sound.
  • Previewing the captured image.
  • Silent captures.
  • Auto shot to take continuous shots.

Download the Apk here: Super Spy Camera+ APK

4. [High Quality]silent camera2

The High-Quality silent camera 2 is an advanced version or the model version of the app High-Quality Silent Camera. The app has all the features of the high-quality silent camera and the developers did add few features to make the app look different from its previous model version. An option of adding a photo as a screen while capturing an image and the app also includes several such features.

App View :High-Quality-silent-camera2
Key Features :

  • High-Quality Images.
  • Silent Capturing with images as a screen.
  • Preview enable and disable option.

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay com.oss.goodcamera2 ]

5. Secret Camera

The Secret camera app lets the user capture images using the volume buttons even when the screen is turned off which is one of the best features of the app. The app also has Auto shot and multi-shot features that let the user capture images using timers and also a sequence of shots.

Unlike other silent camera apps, the secret camera app is capable of capturing high-quality images as well as videos with good resolution. It is worth trying the app.

App View :Secret-Camera
Key Features :

  • Integrated CCTV and security video recording.
  • HD Video Recorder.
  • Capturing images by using Volume buttons.
  • Screen off option while capturing or recording.

Download the App here: Secret Camera APK

The above list of apps is compatible with all Android tablet devices and Android smartphones. However, very low-end devices aren’t capable of performing all the features of the Apps in particular.

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