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10 Best RTS Games for Android| Best Android Real-Time Strategy Games in 2022

Last updated on December 29th, 2021 at 09:34 pm

10 Best RTS Games for Android in 2016Playing Real-time strategy games (RTS) is fun and it’s addictive. You will get RTS games easy to play on your computer, but when it comes to the Android mobile platform you will get fewer RTS games on your Android devices. So here we listed the top ten best RTS games for Android.

1.Little Commander – WWII TD

The Little Commander real-time strategy game is a simple and fun game that portrays a tower defense game in cartoon style. The theme of the Little Commander goes here; The entire city is surrounded by enemies, tanks and you will be in the middle of the city left alone to save the city. All you need to do is follow your heart and make strategies, fight the enemy, defeat the enemy and save the city. Easy to operate, 75 well-designed levels, 3 different game modes, 6 different upgradable turrets, 10 types of well-designed enemy units.

2. Samurai Siege

The Samurai Siege is a free game available for Android devices on the Play Store. The theme of the Samurai Siege goes here; the user will be given rights over few armies with Samurai, Ninjas, and monsters which the user needs to lead them all to glory. The user needs to build the army, extend the city, make it strong in such a way that it could withstand any enemy attacks. Though the App is absolutely free, there are some in-app purchases.

3. Clash of Clans

The Clash of Clans is described to be an epic strategy game for mobile devices. The game-play of the Clash of Clans is almost the same as that of the above-described games, but in the Clash of Clans, a user can play against other players and compete around the world. The Special feature is that a player can team up with other friends and form a clan and then fight against other teams. Social score sharing and invites are enabled.

4. Plague

Plague Inc. is an RTS game that reproduces the arrival of a lethal, overall pandemic. There are huge amounts of overhauls and extensions, which make this diversion feel really premium. Plague Inc. is an unquestionable requirement play for any RTS fan who is captivated by science, sickness, or microbiology. The creators of Plague Inc. were really welcomed to talk at the CDC about the models of malady highlighted in the game.

5. Castle Clash

The Castle Clash game is a brilliant mix of fast-paced strategy and exciting combat along with epic proportions. The user can hire any army, legion, or city and lead the army of mythological creatures and fight for glory. The game is a global strategy game as people all around the world will be competing with the user. The user must fight and win to stay at top of the table. The game is socially popular and can be integrated with Facebook.

6. Clash of Lords 2

The Clash of Lords 2 game is similar to the Clash of Clans. The user needs to gather his forces and prepare for war with other players. The top one becomes the lord of all fighters. aster the Lords League, Resource Raids, and Solo Campaigns to reign supreme are the three modes of the game that has been introduced and has been a great success. The is simple, easy, yet an addictive strategy game and a little different than the other mentioned games.

7. Dungeon Keeper

The Dungeon Keeper game brings a complete uniqueness to the trend of the Real Strategy Games. Unlike other games where the user is provided with a character that plays a good role, in the Dungeon Keeper the user is a bold, redhead bad guy who plays hard. As told, the game has its own uniqueness in the gameplay, controls, strategies, and many more to be done. Joining allies all around the world and fighting against the common enemy and defeating them. The user can personalize the mobile device with Dungeon Keeper themes and ringtones.

8. Greed for Glory

The Greed for Glory is a city defense game the combines strategy of building in a colorful manner. The game is more likely to resemble the Lord Of The Rings movie with all the elves, wizards, knights, dragons, and other creatures to be fought in the war. After every battle win, the rank of the kingdom goes up and the top kingdom remains as Lord. The game is absolutely free and is available for Android devices in the Play Store.

9. Lair Defense: Dungeon

The Lair Defense game is described to be a story mode strategy game where the war between the dragons and humans begins with the stealing of dragon eggs which when eaten by the humans make the humans live forever. All that a user needs to do is to stop the humans from stealing the eggs of the dragon and also make the humans stop killing the dragons.

10. League of War: Mercenaries

The League of War: Mercenaries, the name itself suggests that it is a mercenaries war. Yes, the user needs to train the mercenaries and lead the mercenary army to war and for glory. Real time war against friends and others, kingdom building, and many more strategies to play.

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