10 Best iOS RPG Games in 2016

10 Best iOS RPG Games in 2016Recently I wrote about the top 10 best Android RPG games of 2016 and today I am writing about the 10 best iOS RPG games in 2024. Now days almost everyone loves to play RPG games so I here listed best RPG games for your iPhone or iPad.

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10 Best iOS RPG Games in 2024

1. Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings IIIFrom the makers of  Chaos Rings, this is the next instalment in the seriesAnd it truly is a masterpiece. Chaos Rings 3 packs a major emotional punch via amazing art and expansive storytelling. Everything in this game is brilliant: storyline, battle system, soundtrack, and graphic style. It worth its price.

2. Oceanhorn

OceanhornLet’s face it: whenever we come across a movie or something that takes place in the ocean, we always have this fantasy being in it. This game, Oceanhorn, helps you do just that. But you’re not just in it; you’re the captain of it. Oceanhorn is a stunningly beautiful action-adventure game, and it seems to have enough content for dozens of hours of game play.

3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars Knights of the Old RepublicWho doesn’t like Star Wars? No one: that’s who. This is a great installment in a major franchise that lets you experience all the stuff you’re used to from the other games in the series (especially good, deep character customisation) in addition to a few new features, like vehicles. Super cool!

4. Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and PaperThis 8-bit game is said to be a tribute to the games of the 90’s when gaming was taken tiny steps in the electronic world. The game is very simplistic, and it really is an 8-bit user interface. The game’s humour aspect gives it high marks overall, and it adds a lot to its replay value.

5. The World Ends With You

The World Ends With YouThe game is one of the most brilliantly executed games of the year, and it’s also one of the most complexes. The most noteworthy thing here is the originality and difficulty. There’s a learning curve, but it’s super well-styled and super fun.

6. Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun ReturnsThis game’s characters are very well written, which makes them super compelling. The more you play this game, the bigger the world becomes. This game is one of those few sequels that is better than the original, making it a good bet for any RPG fan.

7. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5Dungeon Hunter 5 is a fun way to let off some steam by slashing or blasting your way through a horde of enemies. To be frank Dungeon Hunter 5 is the best iinstalment of the series, and it’s got a good, meaty, cathartic vibe. Highly recommended.

8. Bastion

BastionThis game’s graphics are very charming, and the narrator’s smooth vibes contribute to a good overall gaming experience. Our only complaint was that it didn’t seem to be long enough. It’s still good, and it’s loads of fun; we just wish there was more content. 8 stars out of 10.

9. Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7This is another game entering the market on the backs of the other monsters of the series. And, of course, it’s good. More than that, though, it’s good for everyone. You don’t need to have played all the other games to get a kick out of this one. Final Fantasy VII is a no-brainer if you’re an RPG fan.

10. 100 Rogues

100 RoguesOld but pretty.Definitely a game worth considering if you want to get into some crazy, dangerous dungeons. This stays pretty true to the original, so fans of that one will probably like this one, too.

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