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Project Spartan for Windows 10

Last updated on December 26th, 2015 at 10:52 am

Microsoft‘s back in the game creating wows again ! This week with the major announcements at their event ,there is buzz surrounding the market.. Is that Microsoft ? ohh boy.. !! ūüėÄ Not only did they announced enhancements to windows ,well may that be for Tablets/Desktops Or Smartphones ,but they also took a step forward ,of what they have been lagging in : Browsers ! Well… Internet Explorer.. Uhh let’s just leave it.. that is the case of many when it comes to surfing the Web ,where many of us prefer to go with Chrome or Firefox ,due to its speed ,better UI and reliability. Many of us don’t even open Internet Explorer ,because it tends to lag and generally it’s not a good experience using it. Microsoft thought the same way and boy.. are they changing the way ,we surf web adding hosts of features according to today’s standards on a another browser they’ve been working on ,what they call : Project Spartan (code name) ! Let’s see what they got..


Image via Microsoft

Well first of all , a Monterous name..¬† Microsoft thinks to change the way ,evolution of web is happening at a rapid pace. So project spartan is completely new of what you might have seen in IE. It has a refreshed design ,ready to merge through the new languages on the web. Joe belfiore demoed the Spartan browser at Windows 10 event ,saying that ” Project Spartan ” will continue to be a part of Universal apps they introduced earlier in the event. this means that it will show familiar UI of what you see in windows and if you shift towards your Windows powered phone ,same is what you’ll see ,this is because Universal Apps have been written in same codes.

Many a times a device launches and articles come up on it ,we share links to our friends saying , “hey dude you gotta check this out ! “. Missing the fact that we wanted to show him a specific line/part ,and then we have tell him ,hey check that below part ,that one below the image written in italic !! its pretty annoying at times.. Well Spartan changes the thing here ,If you have a Stylus/touch based UI you can now that the advantage of its new feature : Note taking mode. And those stuck on PC (including me) ,Don’t worry ,spartan has something for you too.. just click anywhere at the point you want to highlight and a magic box appears ,then add a comment rightaway ,what happens is ,the page is frozen for time being.. sort of screenshot ,but the in-built links are live though ,then you can happily share it (builty-in apps) or save it for later. You can even try the clipping tool on spartan to select a specific portion on the fly ,instead of going to Paint App to make changes..


Image via Windows Blog

Secondly they added a sweet spot for thousands and millions of Readers by adding Reading mode and now by a click of a button you can turn your webpage into a Magazine page with continuous scrolling ,along with reading lists adding more and more pages on the go ,Apple inspired move ūüėČ . But what happens is when you save a specific page on reading lists ,it’s saved offline automatically ,so now you can happily read saved articles without Wifi/Mobile data ,helpful for many those who travel through Aeroplanes certainly in Air-plane mode though !! pdf’s are also supported in reading lists.

Lastly Cortana ,makes her way in Spartan ,as she’s now in Windows 10. basically if you are now searching for anything in the address bar ,cortana shows up with her results . She pops up simultaneously according to what info we have provided about us in her notebook. Getting directions ,making reservations are the newest features being added with cortana-spartan integration. Want to know what a specific word means ? Just select the word ,right click and ask cortana, She shows up rightaway with her cards !! Which is awesome ,instead of googling..

” Project spartan will be available for insiders in the later builds with-in few weeks ” ,says Joe belfiore. PC’s/Tablet’s will get the first taste of Spartan ,later will be the Smartphones. Well those are some significant improvements ,looks like Internet Explorer would be down in favour of Spartan ! Microsoft is really starting to bolster confidence in their customers. They are heading in the right way.. Kudos.. Microsoft

Source :  Microsoft

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