Smartphones ,tablets and Computers now have a greater impact into our day to day lives. Smartphone’s a category which is excelling the most right now.. things went way awesome ,since the introduction of Iphone way back in 2007 and now getting 64bit arch supported phones at cheaper price points. Game changer is the thing that exists in any category ,Apple bought in pinch to zoom ,conference calling ,app store ,touch based UI based on real computing and that’s all what wee see being bragged up in today’s smartphones.. one who brings in the innovation ,gains the Name as well as profit ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Same is going on with Smartwatches , a category which is yet in its baby steps ,there is nothing new but only integration with your smartphones to get notifications on the go. Certainly there is room for improvement needed for smartwatches to appear cooler ,as the sellers think those actually are. well this is the case for many but microsoft has taken a different path bringing something amazing ,than we could’ve ever seen before . Microsoft at its Windows 10 event shocked everyone in the audience inventing a couple of things including Microsoft Hololens. Sounds finicky ? Ohh boy.. it’s damn awesome. let’s find out.

Holograms Via Microsoft
Holograms Via Microsoft

Holograms are here ,sounds more like fantasy.. ain’t it ? but hey ,its true those guys have actually invented holograms. There’s a crazy hype that’s been about Microsoft’s finally back in the game. Well we have seen evolution of typewriters into keyboards ,Mice into touch pads.. every advancement has a reason which is why things have excelled in those perspective categories ,but what if there was a better ,a more natural way we could replace those digital content into our real world and get mesmerized due to the excellence of some brilliant engineers ? Well that is what Microsoft’s been upto ! Microsoft hololens brings in real world holograms referring in case to many of the virtual reality headsets that take you in a programmed world where you mostly visit as a gamer and where you snap in your smartphone ,where it acts like a powerhorse to run VR ,Samsungs Gear VR does the same in such case.While some out there require a PC connection to be set up ,tangled up through wires !

Google Glass truly speaking was the incarnation of these new device’s category ,but they didn’t brought that much to the market. But Microsoft hololens offers new ways to visualize the world around you ,share up ideas with each other with Skype call ,a live floating window in mid air like there’s a display behind ,more immersive gameplay experience.. letting you be in the game and actually touch the character ,think of Minecraft !! If you are a minecraft fan ,you might jump right in ,build thousands of empires watch it live from each and every angle. Astronauts are gonna love this since they can now study more effectively ,instead of looking at a 2D picture they can just watch the whole thing in the form of holograms ,just imagine going to Mars.. ๐Ÿ˜€ ,Hololens is a canvas for many noob artists to create any drawings,objects.. create small lego characters,superhero toys or hell.. make drones !!! because once you make a thing ,you can print it via 3D printer. Its actually more connected ,than the way you see it ๐Ÿ˜‰

It consists of HD lenses with two camera’s attached in the hololens ,euipped with few sensors & best thing is ,you are no longer tangled with wires ,for it to be running. Neither does it requires Smartphone nor PC to be connected with. Also not only is the GPU and CPU working back and forth ,but there is something called HPU.

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HPU (holographic processing unit) :

ย  Alex kipman stated that ,Not only was the CPU and GPU needed to process the real world information ,they actually had to Invent HPU ,a real world holographic processor ,a bad boy supplying the horsepower to hololens. what Hpu does is,it has a Feature called spatial sound that means we can actually listen to the sounds coming behind us ,has Improved Voice recognition ,does real world mapping thinking in the depth and even Gestures ,considering the hologram fact! ,has advance sensors built-in which scan in the depth and process advance algorithms. Holographic API’s are inbuilt in every Windows 10 build ,which means developers can take advantage of their coding skills and create apps for hololens ,since the codes are similar to windows 10 platform ,Universal apps can also run the similar way here ,being built on the same codes !!

Holograms Via microsoft

Imagine turning your living room into a Gaming environment actually and see the game from each & every corner (360 deg) Or helping the Doctors practicing ,while doing surgeries without ever letting their hands of the subject Or an Architect reviewing plans and showing it live to his members live via Hololens & Imagine working beneath the car changing spare parts ,without ever carrying a tablet to watch the steps ? Since Holograms can integrate easily anywhere ,without a doubt they will be our future. Human being’s process thousands of TB’s of data every day ,sensing and absorbing the things around us ,Microsoft Hololens just makes every thing we saw more personal. This is really a next step in era of computing and truly is the next big thing..! This isn’t a science fiction anymore..

Even though we saw holograms it is not actually perfect ,as shown in the live demo at their event you have to touch at a particular thing ,You do gestures as if you’re actually using a mice or a stylus… with hands here ,in this case ..! Imagine the holograms shown in iron man seriesย  ,since there tony stark actually touches those holograms ,see this video :

( Note : Iron man movies are shown with visual effects ,i am a fan of microsoft and highly respect of what they have invented ,just want them to integrate these Iron man things.. so that gesture might even get more personal ๐Ÿ˜€ )

ย ย ย  Microsoft has done an amazing job inventing holograms ,HPU which is awesome..!! Some might say hey come on those iron man thing’s like effects mights soon come up ,yeah no offence ! and I agree as it is a step in the right direction and we all are eagerly waiting to get hands on the Hololens !

See the image below :

Applying holograms in realworld Via Microsoft

” People say that 2014 was the year of Wearables ,while many say that 2015 might the year of 4K ,I say 2015 will be the year of Holograms ,certainly Microsoft !! ”

Finally watching this video makes me thrilled :


Source : Microsoft ( Images & Video ) , Iron man (video)

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