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Windows 10 : One family ,One platform.

Last updated on December 26th, 2015 at 10:50 am


Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive vice president, Operating Systems

Windows clustered in this week ,leaving everyone for a moment surprised and shocked ! Watching the event live was a jaw-dropping experience for me ,though i was watching it online midnight here in India. Trust me watching that whole event was a joyful experience ,I was glued towards my PC screen and seriously that was Me watching Microsoft’s event. Microsoft is finally getting back into the game ,you see who cares about the app gap ( Windows Phone ) ,watching the event was that time saying proudly ,We have faith in windows ! All of the major announcements done this week where way much fancy ! So as a part of which ,Let’s get started with Windows 10 .

On Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled more about Windows 10 – how it will “inspire new scenarios across the broadest range of devices, from big screens to small screens to no screens at all,” explains Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Operating Systems. Windows 10, he says, “is the first step to an era of more personal computing. … We are moving Windows from its heritage of enabling a single device – the PC – to a world that is more mobile, natural and grounded in trust.”


As expected, Microsoft made a strong push toward connecting its devices more seamlessly, as a part of its universal apps program and the competition around. Continuum was the feature well more wisely known Continuity in apple ecosystem ,shown widely more often ! Work on one device ,carry the same thing on other ,part of continuum! This works properly since they have addressed the flaws in tablet and PC mode settings for Convertible PC’s ,thus expanding the continuum feature in a same way. Well if you are a Windows user ,you might be knowing that how cumbersome ,it was to turn on wifi/bluetooth or maybe increase/decrease brightness.. accessing them by a left swipe from the Right edge ,basically things were not so proper. But now in Windows 10 ,there is a new Action center making its debue here in PC inspired from Windows phones ! But Now with the advantage of getting your notifications across all your devices and Apps installed in a more unified way.

Start screen looks more natural than ever with no lags anywhere ,things pop in elegantly apps now work smoother may that be Win 32 or Store Apps. Apps also get the default layout according to Tablet/PC mode you are in automatically. Closing App gestures make its way for Win 32 apps. One of the features showcased more at the event was Natural interaction with the digital world ,that we live in.Well first ,we had stylus to be more productive , then came in gestures ,then at the Intel CES 2015 event RealSense Technology was soon expanding the Array of Gestures without even touching the screen ,that might soon make it’s way here.


But now there’s one more way to be more personal and connected to your computer and that’s Cortana ! Yes ,Cortana makes her way to PC’s and tablets world ,making help millions on their desktops who didn’t owe an Windows Phone ,giving others a sense of what a True Digital Personal Assistant Is ! well not only is the UI from Windows phones been transported here ,but a bevy of new features have also been incorporated in Cortana. For example you can search for a file without touching cortana app in Taskbar ,just say :  ” Hey Cortana , Search for my presentation 21 document ” ,and she will show your results from Local drives in PC’s and from your cloud storage : Onedrive here for that matter. Those of you familiar with Cortana ,she is integrated heavily with Bing ,she can show many things like scores ,weather updates.etc you can always configure your interests in her notebook . You can even type in cortana app and she’ll show your related info from Apps and bing ,as you type ! Basically if you are now in your kitchen and your Laptop is in your bedroom , you can just say : ” Hey Cortana ,play my music ” ,and your saved playlist ,starts playing.

Windows 10 is still in its build stages ,well now with Cortana on board ! ,you can go download the latest Cortana build today ,just sign-up for insider program ! and say , “hey cortana ,roll my music baby !! ” Well it doesn’t ends there ,most exciting part : Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 ,Windows 8.1 users for the first year. Also there is no separate names for mobiles ,tablets..etc running on the perspective device ,everything runs on a same unified name : Windows 10 . Sweet ,short and awesome !

Source : Windows Blog

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