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Top 5 WhatsApp Alternatives Messaging App To Use When WhatsApp Down

WhatsApp Alternatives

WhatsApp is down again? Are you looking for Whatsapp allternatives? then you are at right place.Here we are listed top 5 whatsApp allternatives messaging app you should try when you are looking for Whatsapp allternatives apps when whatsApp server down.Here is a list of the 5 awesome WhatsApp alternative apps you can use at the time of WhatsApp outage.

1.Telegram Messenger



Telegram Messenger is the first and best alternative to WhatsApp. Telegram Messenger has almost all features which WhatsApp have.You can send and receive voice and video messages easily on Telegram.You can also use stickers, emojis, chatbots, groups, channels etc features on Telegram Messenger. The main advantage of using Telegram is you can create “supergroups” of 10000 people at a time on telegram Messenger. you can share files of up to 1.5 GB, passcode lock, self-destructing messages and end-to-end encryption in secret chat these are addtional features of telegram Messenger makes Telegram as the strong competitor  and first messaging choice app when WhatsApp down.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, you can utilize Telegram on Windows, Mac and even Linux with their desktop application. On the other hand, Telegram has a web chat application for all you’re messaging needs.

Available for : Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web

2. Google Allo



Allo is a genuinely new messaging app from Google and keeping in mind that it hasn’t generally made a big deal about an effect, it’s as yet a feasible WhatsApp alternative.

In Allo, you can utilize Assistant to get data on climate, flights, news, nearby spots, or whatever else you’d like. You can likewise utilize it to set alarms, updates, explore to places, play games and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The preferred standpoint in Allo is somewhat invalidated with Gboard acquiring comparable usefulness WhatsApp and different messengers, Google Assistant is as yet a mess better. Other than Google Assistant, Allo brings Smart Replies, Incognito Chats with end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages, stickers and so on.

The most important feature that Allo lacks is the ability to backup chats, which is a disgrace, considering WhatsApp lets you backup chat on Google Drive or iCloud. Allo additionally does not have the capacity to make voice or video calls, last seen, statuses and the capacity to share documents.

Available for : Android, iOS and web

3. Hike Messenger


via: hike

Hike messaging application in January this year asserted to have crossed 100 million-users markin India. The application is accessible for smart phones running Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Hike additionally can send cash by means of UPI in India. Other than the fundamentals, there isn’t much that Hike can offer. The UI is extremely puerile and feels jumbled.

It trumps WhatsApp, affability its Offline chat facility, better sticker collection, hidden chat feature, and freefree messaging to non-Hike members.

Available for : Android, iOS and Windows

4. Viber



Viber is another prominent messaging and VoIP application that truly stands toe-to-toe with WhatsApp with regards to features. Right off the bat, the application offers end-to-end encryption in calls, messages and the shared media. In addition, the messages spared in various gadgets are likewise encrypted, which conveys us to the way that the imessaging applications packs in multi-device suppoet which WhatsApp needs.

Like WhatsApp, Viber gives you a chance to make video and voice calls however the application proceeds venture ahead with its Viber Out feature, which gives you a chance to make international calls to non-Viber clients at nominal rates.

On the off chance that you thinking about everything, you’d see that Viber is an application that is fundamentally the same as WhatsApp. It packs in the majority of the features from WhatsApp and after that some more.

Available for : Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows




Another WhatsApp alternative  you can try is LINE, which is a very prominent cross-platform messaging application that packs in a huge amount of features. Like WhatsApp, the application highlights end-to-end encryption, support for voice and video calls and messages and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It additionally brings many novel features when compared with WhatsApp like LINE Out gives you a chance to make international calls to non-LINE clients, sticker store, a cool Keep featuregives you a chance to spare your most loved messages, photographs and so on, . It likewise includes a features of timeline in the application, where you can see any status updates any announcements and photograph changes from your companions.

Other valuable features of LINE incorporate password lock, filtermessages, themes, LINE Pay for ipayments, and the sky is the limit from there. There’s most likely that LINE is an exceptionally able and include rich messaging application, in any case, it feels a little enlarged. Along these lines, aficionados of WhatsApp’s effortlessness dislike LINE much but rather in the event that you aren’t disturbed by that, you should give try for LINE.

Available for : Android, iOS, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Chrome, Firefox

Complementary – Text SMS / iMessage: 

SMS still stays a standout amongst the most solid methods for sending crosswise over basic Text. There are not really any charges for SMS in India  and other countries and keeping in mind that there is a top of 100 messages for each day (in India)as indicated by TRAI under Fair Usage Policy, it’s very worth giving it a shot! For the Apple users iMessage completes everything when packaged alongside FaceTime. iOS 11 has additionally included a considerable measure of new usefulness for sharing information.

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