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Pokémon GO Is Adding 50 New Pokémon and Dynamic Real-World Weather Effects

50 New Pokémon and Dynamic Real-World Weather Effects :

Pokémon GO update: Pokémon fan boys get ready to collect 50 new Gen III Pokemon and a new dynamic weather system. Yes! you heard right,along with new creatures you will get real-time weather update for your Pokémon GO game.Niantic rolled out bunch of new updates and that includes new Pokemon and dynamic weather effects.

New Gen III pokémon are from the Hoenn region and is contained of Pokèmon that first discovered in Pokèmon Ruby and Sapphire back in 2002.Additionally you will get  the gecko-like Treecko, the charming flame flying creature Torchic, and the marsh staying Mudkip, among others.

Real-time weathe update will change the game in a couple of ways,at the point when it’s sunny out, you’ll see sun in the application screen. At the point when it’s snowy you’ll see ground surface mirroring that, and you’ll see comparative impacts for rain and fog. On the off chance that it is wet out, will probably experience water Pokémon. Also, you’ll see animations that mirror the weather. Gyms and raid battles are influenced by the weather. Pokémon that are gotten in their regular habitats will be more grounded. Experiencing a War Turtle strike in the rain is considerably harder to battle, yet it will yield more Stardust rewards.

The dynamic weather update will bring six different types of weather in the game

  1. Sunny
  2. Rainy
  3. Snowy
  4. Foggy
  5. Partly Cloudy
  6. Windy

image via: pokemon go official blog

The planning of the new weather system isn’t irregular: the approaching Gen III Pokémon first appeared in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphir; which, as for reasons unknown, were additionally the first games in the series to feature changing weather in-game overworld.

According to Niantic engineer, Matt Slemon,the choice to include weather before other since a long time ago guaranteed features came down to the new pokémon that were being presented. “Generation three and the Hoenn region are just thematically tied to weather so closely, it’s a core tenet of their identity, that the fit was just so perfect,” he says. “As a rule, we do endeavor to pick includes that tie in well with the substance that we’re attempting to discharge.” for instance, he refers to the presentation of strikes over the mid year, which harmonized with the expansion of incredible pokémon to the game. “That is an imperative tie-in, in light of the fact that we don’t need legendaries to simply be haphazardly found in nature.”

Dynamic real-world weather effects will help people to recognize out side weather, it means that Pokemon Go is now weather-aware and it help lot to people to catch Pokemon.

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