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Google Just Launched Storyboard,Selfissimo and Scrubbies Photography Apps

Google just introduced three new photography apps :Storyboard (Android only), Selfissimo! (iOS and Android), and Scrubbies (iOS only). These apps are product of a new “appsperiments” program that Google just launched.

The new program was propelled by the organization’s Motion Stills application, which was discharged a year ago with the objective of taking innovation being developed from Google and transforming it into genuine applications. Like Motion Stills, the trio of new applications are completely useful programming in their own right, however “built on experimental technology” that Google will keep on building out after some time.

The applications include various technologies now being developed at Google, including those concentrated on object recognition, person segmentation, stylization algorithms, efficient image encoding and decoding technologies, Google says.



Image via : Google

The first  application, Storyboard, takes video clips and automatically hauls out six frames which it lays out in a comic book-style layout. You’ll have the capacity to invigorate the application to get new designs and frames or edges, with Google guaranteeing that there are more than 1.6 trillion combinations.



Image via: google

Next is the fairly ludicrously named Selfissimo!, which is somewhat similar to a robotized highly contrasting photograph stall on your phone. When you tap the screen to begin a shoot, Selfissimo! will snap a photo each time you posture. The thought is to move around into various stances(poses), with the application taking a photo each time you quit moving.



Image via : google

In conclusion there’s Scrubbies, which lets you remix videos, DJ-style by quickly scrubbing back and forth through a clip to create video loops.

The three applications are accessible now for iOS and Android. What’s more, seeing as Google depicts these as the primary flood of “appsperiments,” it’s presumable we’ll be seeing a greater amount of these test small scale applications soon.

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