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How to Download and Install iOS 11

Last updated on November 12th, 2018 at 02:46 pm

iOS 11 is avilable right now for download and install on your Apple devices. This update will get to those Apple user who are using Apple devices which are released in 2013 and later.

iOS 11 has number of new features such as Animated emojis for iPhone X,Updated Siri with translation feature,revamped Control Centre,portrait lightning (iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X),front-facing portrait mode,peer-to-peer Apple Pay,Updated app store and more updated features.

Downloading iOS 11 should be an easy task,but below you’ll find  full guide on how to download and install iOS 11 on your iPhone/iPad or iPod. As usual downloading iOS 11 is free but before you begin downloading you should make sure that you should back up your updating device.

Things to do before downloading & installing iOS 11

Before you begin downloading of iOS 11, you have to do some little but vital stuff.Before downloading iOS 11 on your Apple device you have to backup your device which you are going to update with iOS 11. New update will take some time so you need to charge your device and it should be connected to Wi-Fi or any other fast internet connection.You’ll need about 2GB of free space to download the new iOS. Make some space by deleting photos,videos and apps you no longer need.

Backup your iPhone or iPad

It’s very important to take backup of your iPhone or iPad before downlaod and install iOS11. It’s nice practice to take backup of your devices before installing any new software update(mostly OS) on it.Taking backup of your iPhone/iPad is very easy and straight forward procedure.It will help you when you make any significant change to your device you risk problems.Backup ensure that your personal data will stay safe after OS update.You can use iCloud & iTunes to backup your device. iCloud is little bit costly so it’s better to be go with iTunes.Here is guide for how to backup your iPhone/iPad using iTunes.

How to backup your iPhone/iPad using iTunes

  • Plug in your  iPhone or iPad into your Mac or Windows PC.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Click on the iPhone or iPad icon in the menu bar when it appears.
  • Make sure backup is set to This Computer. And enable Encrypted backup.
  • Click on Back Up Now .For secure backup click on Encrypt Backup and add a password
  • Back up Apps, if asked.
  • Press Command, to open Preferences. (Or go to iTunes in the menu bar and click on Preferences.
  • Click on the Devices tab.
  • Option-click on your Backup and choose Archive.

Archiving will prevent your current backup from being overwritten by an iOS 11 backup later on, should you need to return for any reason.

Power up your iPhone/iPad

You won’t have the capacity to get all of iOS 11’s  new features if your device isn’t charged. You’ll additionally need to connect to an outlet and interface with Wi-Fi before you can begin your download.

Make some space

The size of the iOS 11 update will vary from one device to the other.But mostly you will need 2GB of free space to download the new iOS. Make some space by deleting photos,videos and apps you no longer need.As mentioned above before deleting make sure you done backup of your data.

How to download and install iOS 11

The most straightforward approach to download and install iOS 11 via the  Settings application on your iOS gadget. For whatever length of time that you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can take after these steps.

  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Your device will check for updates and then show you the available iOS 11 upgrade.
  • Click Download and Install.
  • Presently it will start downloading iOS 11. This can take a while particularly on the off chance that you have a slow Internet connection. Once the download is done, tap Install.
  • Tap Agree when you see Apple’s Terms and Conditions
  • Your iOS device will restart and iOS 11 will be installed.

While this is the prescribed technique to install iOS 11, it won’t not work for a few, for example, the people who don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or the individuals who don’t have enough free space on their device. In the event that that is the situation, there’s another technique for you.

How to download and install iOS 11 via iTunes

For whatever length of time that you have a PC or a Mac that is connected with the Internet, you can without much of a stretch update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 11.

  • Download iTunes and install it, if it’s not there on your computer.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Use the charging cable to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your PC or Mac.
  • Now check the top bar in iTunes. You’ll see a small icon that represents your iOS device. Click that icon.
  • Click the Summary tab.
  • Now click Check for update.
  • Click Download and update.

From here on, the on-screen guidelines are sufficiently basic to direct you through introducing iOS 11 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Some key features of iOS 11

  1. Redesigned Control Centre
  2. Updated design elements
  3. Drag and Drop
  4. iPad Dock
  5. Siri improvements
  6. Peer-to-peer Apple Pay
  7. Do Not Disturb driving mode

These are the some key feature of iOS 11 and there are many hidden features in iOS 11 and hope i will reveal it soon.

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