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How To Fix Pixel 6a Faulty Fingerprint Sensor Issue

Google recently launched Pixel 6a in India. But, Pixel 6a has some serious issues with fingerprint sensors. Some Pixel 6a users find that any fingerprint can unlock the phone. It is still unclear whether an issue is with the hardware or software of the device. Recently, Google Pixel 6a gets its 1st software update, but it’s not for a faulty fingerprint sensor. If you are owing Pixel 6a then don’t worry, here I am writing about how to fix the Pixel 6a faulty fingerprint sensor issue.

How To Fix Pixel 6a Faulty Fingerprint Sensor Issue

Within a few days of launching the Google Pixel 6a so far there are many reports that the Google Pixel 6a is getting unlocked with a different finger that was not registered to Pixel 6a for a lock and unlock. Below are some ways to fix Pixel 6a’s faulty fingerprint sensors.

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Remove all saved fingerprints and re-add them

Yes! you heard it right. For some users, it’s working. Remove your all saved fingerprints and re-add them and it will not allow unlocking your Pixel 6a for unregistered fingerprints.

Use pattern or pin lock instead of fingerprint lock

Remove your registered fingerprints for lock and set pattern lock or set pin for unlocking your new Pixel 6a. It sounds old school but it’s only the best way to keep safe and secure your Pixel 6a from a broken fingerprint scanner issue.

Wait for the security patch update

It is still unclear whether it’s a hardware issue or a software issue. But, you have to wait for a security patch update. When you get a new security patch update then you need to update it quickly whether it will be security or hardware or an OTA update.

If you know any method to deal with the Pixel 6a fingerprint scanner issue then let us know via comments below.

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