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How Did Budget Friendly Smartphone Market Evolved ?

Last updated on December 26th, 2015 at 10:29 am

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Smartphone buyers are growing day by day . You buy a phone today , it’s perspective upgraded version launches within a week or So from another smartphone vender , basically technological advancement is happening at a greater pace today due to more efficient & less power consuming hardware chipsets launching day by day , and with the equivalent software to house it ! Since thinking of buying a expensive smartphone is a tough choice nowadays , Consumers tend to gravitate towards mid range smartphones to get the usual day job done & rely on tablets or Laptops for heavier more extensive usage.


So Motorola stepped up , in the mid range market in 2013 launching the company’s first ever Mid range phone : Moto G (2013) , the phone had decent specs like 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 400 Quad core CPU adjoining 1GB of Ram , decent camera applicable to social media purposes , pure close to stock android Rom on board , basically delightful specs and with the added motorola’s lightning updates it was pure joy for many to hop on and buy that thing , and that’s why it was the first phone everyone was touting about in 2013 ! They had awesome sales on that device , since it was affordable and that thing people were waiting to buy. It earned Motorola alot of name , and that’s how motorola saga started hereby launching ” Moto E ” as its budget friendly phone , housing a dual core 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 200 Chipset coupled with 1GB Ram , 5Mp fixed focus shooter lacking a front shooter and a low quality display panel , so it didn’t went of as expected , hence low end smartphone was still in a bit of stark contrast.. ! thereby disappointing many..

mi 3   So it was non other than Xiaomi that made buzz around turning on the market on their sides launching MI 3 the phone that basically had beastly specifications , same as that of Nexus 5 leaving OIS (optical image stabilisation) like 2.3 Ghz Snapdragon 800 quad core CPU with 2GB Ram entitled with Adreno 330 GPU , 5.0 inches (1080 x 1920 pixels) with 441 ppi pixel density , Corning Gorilla Glass 3 , 13Mp rear camera & 2 mp front basically the whole deal and it was price of what Moto G costed online via Flipkart , due to which Xiaomi had flooding sales since the phone was priced at Rs. 13,999 (220 $ ) , sales of this phone were so awesome that Flipkart site even crashed couple of times.


But then too low end market was out of luck ! Xiaomi again stood up and launched the company’s most affordable yet powerful “Redmi 1S” this phone basically had specifications of Moto G 2013 or shall i say even better ,  specifications like 1.6 Ghz Quad core Snapdragon 400 CPU with Adreno 305 GPU coupled with 1GB of Ram , 720p display , a better rear camera 8mp recording full 1080p HD videos &  1.6mp Front camera … that costed Rs.5,999 (approx 95$ ) put forth this was the best when it came to low – end Smartphones , the sales of this phone were even off the charts !!


Since buying this cheap smartphones having great hardware keeps you up latest in the game without burning a hole in your pockets , but the only thing left is SOFTWARE !! since these phones are rarely updated to latest version of the Android.. picking up on of them is a tough choice as you can’t buy new phones all the time ! So Google thought of re-inventing this and stepping in the low-end market launching Android One project , where basically Google will give smartphone manufacturers a set of specifications that they have to choose , to be in this project and launch phones in partnership with Google , which will then receive Latest Android Updates ! Android One had a great start launching 3 handsets Spice Dream Uno , Micromax Canvas A1 and Karbonn Sparkle V . All these phones had same specs like 1.3Ghz Mediatek 6582 CPU with Mali 400mp GPU  with 1GB Ram, an 4.5 inch (480×854) IPS display with 218ppi , 5MP rear camera capable of shooting 1080P HD video at 30fps & 2MP front camera which shoots 720p HD videos , preloaded with Android Kitkat (4.4.4) with a sure upgrade to Lollipop , also they are entitled to be updated for 2years to the latest version of android , but since a month from the release of Android Lollipop there is not yet a official word , whether when will these devices will receive Lollipop ! Again leaving customers stunned !!


But this week Micromax came up with Yureka smartphone loaded with Cyanogen on board basically bringing in specs more like Oneplus One did.. we have a full article on it check it out :  Micromax Yureka priced at Rs.8,999 (approx 143 $) only and since CyanogenMod loaded on the phone , no need to worry for updates , these guys will truly be the next bet in low end market , Kudus Cyanogen , Micromax !! You just stomped the game up !

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