How to Block People on Facebook

Facebook is the wordle’st number one largest social network site with more than 1 billion users.By using Facebook you can connect your friends relatives and so on.To prevent our profile security Facebook provides us lot of privacy settings options to secure our profile data.Facebook always try to keep spammers away from users and they provide lot of options to users to take rid on spammers and who bothers users without ant reason.So If someone try to do spamming with you or bothering you on Facebook,you can block them so that they can’t find and can’t see your Facebook account.This article shows you how you can block people on Facebook.

Block people by using privacy setting method:

1. Login into your Facebook account and go to account and select settings and open it by clicking on it.

how to block people on facebook 1

2.Then click on Blocking option which is at left side of  the page.

how to block people on facebook 2

3.Add name or email of the person  you’d like to block and hit the Block button.

how to block people on facebook 3 adding name or email in block users field list of people appear on your screen then select right which you want to block.

5.Then Facebook ask you that you really want to block the selected person so make sure you want to block selected person and hit block button again and that’s it.

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Block people by using Profile method:

1. Login to your Facebook account and open the person profile, whom you want to block. In that person profile (Whom you would like to block), click on Drop down next to message field and select the option which says, Block.2. Now,  confirmation  pop up will appear which ask you that you really sure about blocking that person,make sure and hit block . As soon as you confirm the blocking options, you will be redirected to your FB setting where you can manage blocking .Once you blocked someone  you will not be able to see blocked person profile and vice-versa.

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What will happen when you have Blocked someone on Facebook:

Block people on Facebook is very handy option to keep spammer away from you.Here are some things which happen when you block someone on FB.

1.The person will not able to see things you post on your timeline,in short he/she not able to see your profile.

2.Blocked people cant find you in Facebook people search.

3.once you blocked someone she/he cant tag you in post,comment or in photos.Also he/she can’t send you groups or events request.

4.Blocked person won’t be able to message you,poke you and add you as friend.

5.You will also not be seeing person update and your profile picture on previous comment will come as blank.

In short,once you blocked  someone on Facebook ,profile of blocked person doesn’t exist for you and similarly blocked person also unable to see your profile.So use this option very wisely.



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