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Are Smartwatches The Next Big Thing?

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So holidays are coming around.. its a season to buy new things,for you things particularly are : Gadgets! as since you are reading this post . So its a season for many of us around,to present gifts to our relatives or say family members . You might be planning a gift for your loved ones , and quick note smartwatches might be a good choice to present as a gift , but one question comes in mind whether this category of so called “Smartwatches”  has taken an uplift or has it excelled ? Do I need it ? Let’s find out from scratch all the way from samsung  gear live , Lg g watch , Asus zenwatch , Pebble..  all the way upto the uttermost and the best Premium Moto 360 , Apple Watch.

Let’s start with low cost smartwatches which include Samsung Gear live and Lg G watch first gen watches announced at google IO 2014.

samsung gear live vs lg g watch

Both of these smartwatches feature a 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 400 Quadcore processor coupled with 512mb of ram , 4GB of internal storage , both are IP67 certified water and dust resistant , whereas Gear live has slight less battery of 300mah when compared to 400mah of G watch , both have swappable bands,gear live has a super amoled display (320 x 320,278 ppi) to that of IPS LCD (280 x 280,240 ppi) of Gwatch , also gear live features an physical button to turn on/off display , either way you can use double tap to wake up on both smartwartches! both also feature always on display,beware that drains your battery though! both run on Google’s proprietary Android Wear UI designed specifically for wearable devices , both are supported with Android devices that support Android Wear App,both also have bluetooth , to know the price of this both watches click the smartwatch name above.


Let’s head over to wearables launched after them ,  Sony Smartwatch 3 and Asus Zenwatch which were announced by respective companies at their own launch events , both of these also run Android Wear.

smartwatch 3 vs asus zenwatch

Both have them again have half a gig of ram,1.2 Ghz quad core processors with Sony (ARM® Cortex™™™ A7) and Asus(Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 ) , both of them don’t have a Heart rate monitor , sony comes in with 420mah battery while asus with 360mah , sony smartwatch 3 has 1.6inch screen while Asus Zenwatch has 1.63inch display screen , both have micro usb chargers required to charge in a conventional old school way ! both are again waterproof , they also have bluetooth on-board.

Now let’s headover to 2nd gen android wear device launched by lg that is LG G Watch R , R stands for round. having a round display on a smartwatch , it gives it a bit more natural look , the way we see towards any normal watch , it sure is an improvement over its 1st gen device , round face devices are always a welcome !

g watch r

So it features a round display 1.3” Full Circle P-OLED,its has again 4 gb on board storage with 512mb ram , a 1.2 ghz quadcore snapdragon processor.410mah battery , IP67 Dust & Water Resistance , and has usual set of sensors including Heart Rate Moniter , the only down grade of this watch is , that small display !


Now Let’s Headover to a Smartwatch which was hyped so much since the video was released on youtube by motorola , the beast of smartwatches : MOTO 360 ! this was also shown in Google IO 2014 . But was launched afterwards.

moto 360
This is the only premium thing in the smartwatch category to buy right now , Period ! Its circular built all the way upto leather bands , everything exutes quality ! It has an slightly older cpu on board ie. TI- OMAP 3 processor according to today’s standards , has 4Gb on board storage with 512Mb ram , has Optical heart rate monitor , its first android wear device to have corning gorilla glass for scratch resistance with Backlit IPS LCD display (320 x 290 , 205 ppi) having circularly 1.5 inches screen size , has 320mah battery and with software updates battery drain ups have fixed which is a good thing , it also comes with the best chargers of all android wear devices : the Charging Dock , which doubles as a nightstand ! If you wanna go for android wear , straight away go for this one !

charging dock

However it seems like Lollipop update is being pushed out and it might soon pop-up on your wear watches , if you owe one. Else if you are impatient to check and manually flash it , we have a link for you :-

lollipop update for Android Wear

Now Let’s move the Spotlight to Apple , the company which revolutionized Computer industry , Smartphone industry , Music industry , telecommunication industry and also the Motion Picture industry..  boy !!! is some thing left for these guys ? haha.. Now the only thing left is Wearables ! this year Apple introduced us to Apple Watch in its recent keynote.


Its has Sapphire crystal display (you would need diamonds to make a scratch on that thing ) ,has heart rate moniter , also has a nob like dial used to perform various actions on the display in particular app like to zoom while showing a picture 😛 etc , put forth this apple watch is less finger friendly and are you gonna show photos of yourselves on that small thing ? Apple , seriously ?  Anyways it hasn’t launched yet , nobody has got hands-on with the device through retailers so its harder to predict. It also has some cool features like Taptic engine :  which in form of vibrations tells you whether to go left or right , while navigating to a place even without looking at the display , which is awesome ! It comes in various options and their are plenty of wrist bands available for apple watch made by Apple itself !  Apple watch is available in three editions : The Apple watch , The  Apple Watch Sport and The Apple watch Editon … Phew !!! Apple watch is like their basic model , while Sport is light weight with some fancy rubber bands and the last EDITION has 18karat gold on the body and few fancier bands! It will be launching worldwide in early 2015.

Pebble is also a company which makes only smartwatches with their own OS they currently have 2 devices of their own Pebble watch and Pebble Steel.  both of this devices have E- paper display which eats up lesser battery plus it is only smartwatch in the world that is compatible with both Android and IOS. These guys have made their existence in this category with their own OS , they even have a appstore dedicated to watch apps supporting pebble.This thing is worth the buy!

This new category of so called “Wearables” has a lot of room to grow , they are just blooming up with 1st gen devices , pricing might affect according to how consumers respond, I am waiting to see how 2nd gen of all these devices might look like.. hey it’s a step in right direction.. let’s see what would come up in 2015 !

Source (Images) : – Android Wear , Apple

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