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How to Avoid Wasting Time on Facebook

Last updated on June 7th, 2020 at 05:34 pm

Now days almost everyone uses Facebook to stay keep in touch with each other. Some people are using Facebook to stay connected with their old friends, some are used to chat with their friends and family members. Though the main purpose of Facebook is to keep people connected with each other, there are many things on Facebook which waste your time unnecessary. Of course, wasting of unnecessary time on Facebook effects your real-life and you get distracted due to Facebook. If you want to stay focused in your life then don’t waste too much unwanted time on Facebook, make sure that you use Facebook only for a special purpose or reason. Here I am going to give you some tips on how to avoid wasting time on Facebook.


How to Avoid Wasting Time on Facebook

Facebook is the virtual world not real:

 First keep in mind that Facebook is not real-world its totally virtual world means you can never interact with people physically and emotionally(Although a lot of people are emotionally attached to each other on Facebook, keep in mind bitter truth that it’s totally virtual). So don’t attach emotionally very much with anyone on Facebook. Due to this, you don’t want to waste too much time on Facebook.
FB is virtual
Though Facebook is the virtual world try to add friends from your real world. Mostly don’t add unknown people as a friend and also ignore a friend request from unknown people. Also, don’t replay any unknown messages from strangers. Due to this, you can avoid wasting time on Facebook.

Stop email notifications from Facebook:

  Email notification is also one main reason which wastes your time. When you create a Facebook new account with your email id, then if you not turn off your Facebook email notification then Facebook starts to send automatically Facebook notification of every moment to your email address. It is very time consuming and it wastes your time. So to avoid time-wasting turn off the Facebook email notification.
 To stop email notification 1) Click on setting (top right) 2) choose account setting 3) Choose notification and select email.


Stop email notification from Facebook

Once you select an email option you can turn off and turn on Facebook email notification as your time management. You can also use an email filter according to your email provider due to using an email filter you can avoid wasting time due to Facebook emails. Also, you can stop other notifications that distracted you.

Avoid third-party apps and Facebook games:

 Third-party apps and Facebook games are very time-consuming.
Avoid Facebook apps and games

If you spending a lot of time playing games with your friends on Facebook then first totally stop it, because it saves plenty of time for you. Also, try to avoid third-party apps because they are also a lot of time-consuming. So its better to avoid third-party apps and Facebook games.


Avoid chatting/go offline chatting:

 Facebook chatting is also the main reason for wasting time on Facebook. So always try to keep chat turn off, due to this you appear as offline and no one sends a message to you.
turn off chat

So go offline chatting avoid lots of wasting time on Facebook. You can turn off chat easily, just click on the chat button in the bottom right corner and choose to turn off chat from the option.

Some other essential tips to avoid wasting time on Facebook:

  1. Create your Facebook to-do list and follow it, don’t do anything else than a to-do list.
  2. Clean up your friend list, means remove inactive friends from friend list or hide from your Facebook feed.
  3. Don’t like more fan pages and also don’t join too many groups, and if you have your Facebook pages or groups make other friends as admin so they are able to update your pages or groups.
  4. Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  5. Set timer on your Facebook timeline it’s always better to keep eye on the time.
  6. If possible deactivate your Facebook account or you can log out it quickly… If you want then you can also delete your Facebook account permanently.
If you have any ideas on how to avoid wasting time on Facebook then you can share with us…!!!

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