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How to Live a Happy Life

Last updated on September 27th, 2019 at 11:38 pm

 No am not philosopher but am learned lot of from life.But here am going to share about ‘how to live a happy life.’

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#1.Find out meaning of life:
 Just think first up all on,why God give this life to us/you? and why God choose only you? Simply because God have great positive plan about your life. So always think positive accept life and make it worth while.
“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”-mark twain.
so always be thankful to God for this great and beautiful life.
#2.Set goal,accept challenges and grab opportunities:
 To live a happy life you should have to set goal/s in your life. Without any goal any dream you cant live happy life because satisfaction of completing goal is always give you worth experience. So whatever the goal is small or big first upon set it and always try to achive it. So alwyas set goal !
To bring happiness in life,accept challenges. Whatever the challenge will be always be ready to face it and complete it. Challenges make you more stronger and successful one in your life.
 Also don’t forget to grab different and new opportunities because “life is like chocolate box.You don’t know which will gonna get you.”so always be ready to accept and grab new opportunities.
#3.Stay motivated in life:
Motivation is a great key of happy life.So always try to motivatied yourself and remember that,”You are the creator of your own destiny.” So always try to motivated yourself by reading motivational novels,watching motivational movies also listening motivational music. Always try to surronded by postive minded people because posive minded people will give you lot motivation for your daily life.
#4.Learn from mistakes and accept failure: 
Remember that no one do mistakes purposefully, so try to don’t repeat it. Keep in mind that,”Its always helpful to learn from your mistakes,your mistakes seem worth while.”-garry marshall.
Also don’t bother due to failure because always remember that failure is not permanent.There is no any short cut to success! So accept failure and keep move on.
“Both success is not final,failure is not fatal.It is the courage to continue that counts.”-winston churchill.
So learn from your mistakes,learn lesson from your failure and build momentum for your happy life.
#5.Spend some time with your family:
In today’s busy life no one have lot of time to share with their family. So always try to spend your free time with your family members.Try to share every important things with your family members because no one knows you better than your family members.If possible some times go out with your family on trip,for dinner or to watch movie all this little things will keep you and your family happy.
#6.Hangout with friends:
Like family members friends are also vital in your life.Choose your friends wisely because friends are like mirror they reflect you. Once you get good friends spend valuable time with them. Sometimes get out with them for do some adventure,to do parties,to watch movies and etc. Share your life experience with them and also listen their experience and try to learn something new from your friends. Simple hangout with friends also give you lot of happiness so stay friendly in your life.
#7.Go on date with your love ones:
Remember that we are leave our impact on our love ones life so always maintain relationship with your love ones.Try to go on date with your love ones,and share your emotions,thoughts with your love ones.
#8.Try to become hero of someone’s life:
We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. So try to do something better or best for others due to that they remember you and stay motivated in their life due to you.
#9.Take help of technology(tech) to live happy life:
You can use tech to live happy. Now days their are so many apps available to access which guide you to live happily.

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 ios apps for download to live happy life:

i)Bloom: Bloom is an ios app that can be downloaded free of cost from the iTunes app store or from website: mindbloom.com . It is an app that brings inspiration to your mobile phone in visually inspiring way.It allows you to combine your favourite music on create inspiring reminders that really important to you.
ii)Happier: It is social networking app for ios user. But it is different than other social networking apps. Because it collects happy moments from your life and you can share with others due to that other also become happier.You can download it from iTunes.
#10.Some others way to live a happy life:
There are so many ways to make life happy and meaningful.If you are daily internet user and you are spending lot your time on internet. Then use websites which keep you happy. Listen new motivational songs,read motivational quotes on internet these thing are easily available on internet. And these things surly keep you happy.  And finally Have Happy Life!

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