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How to Resize Photos

Last updated on September 27th, 2019 at 11:18 pm

 Are you going uploading photos on some popular websites on the internet? but this kind of websites want photos in particular size, resolution and style. And if your photos have different size then don’t be worry use some online website to resize your photos. Here is a guide on how to resize photos.

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How to Resize Photos

  Picresize is a best online website to resize your photo. It allows you to edit your photos from any format into any other size, resolution or style of your choice. And you can do it in few minutes.
  Open your browser and connect to picresize. This website allows you to resize any photo located on your hard drive or the internet. You can either enter photo’s URL or drag and drop the photo into this website tool. To upload the selected photo to picresize, click on the continue button.
 Once you have uploaded the photo to the picresize. It will give you the option to crop your photo and rotate in any direction.
  Next, you need to select the final size to which you want to resize your photo. You can either select from any of the sizes available in the drop-down list. Or you can choose to enter a custom size.
  The main advantage of picresize also allows you to add several special effects to your resized photo.
  Finally, you need to select the format in which you want the final resized photo. You can also choose to specify a maximum size for the final photo if required. Once you are done, click on I’m Done, Resize My Picture! button.
  Within a few seconds, your photo will be resized. According to the option that you selected and will be available for your download.
 You can preview your newly resized image, resume edit means continue editing where you left off, you can save the image to disk means on your computer or you can share it on social media or photo sharing sites like Facebook, Pinterest.
Images: Picresize

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