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How to Set Up Your Custom Google+ URL

 Recently Google roll out custom URL for Google +  profiles and Google plus pages.If you still not set your Google plus custom URL for your Google plus profile or Google plus page then don’t be worry its very easy to set Google plus custom URL.To grab Google plus custom url your Google plus profile need to have profile photo,account over 30 ... Read More »

Google SmartWatch Coming Soon

  After smart phone competition now smart watch competition also become very hard and tuff. Samsung and Sony already launched their smart watches. Its also rumor that HTC also making smart watch, and Apple i-watch also coming to market in 2014.Most important is now Google also jump into this smart watch making competition, report from wall street journal clear it. Google Smart ... Read More »

How to Send Huge File Attachments Via Email

  If you are Gmail user then you definitely know the Gmail provide only 10 MB space to send email attachment.Almost all email providers provide only 10 MB email attachment.So if you want send large file email attachment up to in GB,then you have to use other file sharing servises like Google Drive if you are  Gmail user and Sky ... Read More »

Google Drive Tips and Tricks

    Google give us lot of services freely,Google Drive is also free service of  Google Homepage,in this article i write about Google Drive and tips and tricks related to Google Drive.  What is Google Drive?     Gmail has a 25 MB size limit while sending attachments. This isn’t enough when one wants to send a large file(video, high-resolution ad campaign, presentation ... Read More »

Google Homepage

Google Homepage “An elegantly organized tour of the Internet, both fun and informative, a rare combination!” a sentence of Mr. Steve Crocker. Now days web is a complex planet with billions of webpages and surfing through such a huge database to find ‘What we want’ is really difficult task and seems to be impossible for human. This was the reason ... Read More »

How to Resize Photos

  Are you going uploading photos on some popular websites on internet? but these kind of websites want  photos in particular size, resolution and style, and if your photos have different size then don’t be worry use  some online website to resize your photos.   Picresize is best online website to resize your photo. It allows you to edit your photos ... Read More »

How to Avoid Wasting Time on Facebook

 Now days almost everyone uses Facebook to stay keep in touch with each other. Some people are use Facebook to stay connected with their old friends, some are used to chat with their friends and family members. Though main purpose of Facebook is to keep people connected with each other, but there are many things on Facebook which waste your ... Read More »

How to Live a Happy Life

 No am not philosopher but am learned lot of from life.But here am going to share about ‘how to live a happy life.’ live life happy #1.Find out meaning of life:  Just think first up all on,why God give this life to us/you? and why God choose only you? simply because God have great positive plan about your always ... Read More »

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

  After shutting down Google reader now Google replaces Google Adwords Tool with Google Keyword Planner, and of course Keyword Planner is also for Google advertisers. Don’t be panic though keyword planner is for purly Google advertisers you can still search keywords freely by using Google keyword planner. Google keyword planner gives you quite different option of searching keywords than old ... Read More »

How to Choose Web Browser

 Almost everyone has confusion about web browser and every one has different choice about web browser. Now days different types of web browsers are available. So from this different types of web browsers you have to select web browser which you like most according pros and cons of that web browser.    In 1989-90 Tim Berners-Lee firstly started world wide ... Read More »

How to Manage All the Tabs In Your Browser

  Do you keep multiple tabs open in your browser at the same time and you want better way to manage all of them?   TooManyTabs is a browser extension that works on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and allows you to manage all your open tabs efficiently. TooManyTabs   Once installed,TooManytabs will add a new button to the URL ... Read More »

How to Make Web Pages Print -Friendly

  Whenever you print an article from a website,a lot of junk in the form of images,advertisements,and navigation inks also gets printed.This not only makes the printed pages appear very cluttered and unprofessional,but also ends up wasting a lot of paper and ink.This is why a very useful app called PrintFriendly exists.This app cleans all the junk from web pages ... Read More »

How to Search Visually with Google Images

Have you ever come across a photo and wished there was a way to get more information about it? Maybe you are reading a magazine and see a beautiful hotel or some exotic beach in an ad and you really want to know where it is. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to upload a photo of ... Read More »