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How to Repost on Instagram

How to repost on Instagram: Are you checking your Instagram feed and see something cool and wants to repost it to your followers? Instagram doesn’t have a repost feature so a repost is quite difficult on Instagram as compared to Facebook share and Twitter retweet. Don’t be worry, here we covered all best ways to repost on Instagram. You can do a ... Read More »

When Is Google’s Birthday?

WHEN IS GOOGLE’S BIRTHDAY? One of the things that has turned technology around especially the use of internet is Google, Google as a search engine has made information about several things accessible and made research easier for people. Apart from accessing needed information, Google has made E-marketing easier and simpler as people could easily search for products they want through ... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar energy


What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy? Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy: Sun is very important to us. Can you imagine earth without Sun? You only imagine that but without sun there will be no earth. Sun maintain life cycle on earth. Sun do evaporation of water from the surface of the ocean and generates the “Hydrologic Cycle” and hydrologic cycle maintain ... Read More »

10+ Best Laptop for Music Production (2018)

Best laptop for music production: Music is a vital part of our life.Music is the language of the soul.We enjoy and feel the music.Every culture has music and it’s treated as art. The melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, meter, and articulation are the elements of music. Nowadays music is a combination of all music related elements and it needs very high-quality laptops to do editing, recording, and production ... Read More »

How To E13 UltiPro Login


E13 UltiPro Login: UltiPro is software by Ultimate Software and it is cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution designed to help organizations manage their HR, finance (payroll) ,global HCM(Human Capital Management) and ability needs.UltiPro is award wining software it also help to manage time and work related apps that associate people with the resources and data they have to work all the ... Read More »

How to Login to Your Hulu Plus Account


What is Hulu Plus? Hulu Plus is a video subscription service,utilizing an Internet connection, it can stream TV shows and films straightforwardly to your gadget, without the need to buy them for all time. It is of the significant sstreaming services that contend with comparable services  like Netflix and Amazon  Prime Video.Notably, Hulu Plus works with wirless  Internet connections, which ... Read More »

How to Follow and Unfollow Hashtags on Instagram


Follow Hashtags on Instagram: Recently  Instagram rolled out new feature which you allow to folllow hastags on Instagram. Once you followed hastga on Instagram you will get the top posts for that hashtag to appear in your main feed. Here’s how to follow hastags on Instagram. How to Follow and Unfollow Hashtags on Instagram Firstly,Open the Instagram app and click on search tab ... Read More »

How to See,Edit and Share Your Year In Review Video On Facebook(2017)

facebook-year-in review-2017

According to Facebook,”Your Year in Review is  includes days from this past year (2017) that you’ve spent or new friends which you made this year,birthday wishes, and compiles them in a short video that can be edited and shared.” How to see your Year in Review video on Facebook To see your Year in Review visit or click Watch Yours on a Year in ... Read More »

How to Convert Coaxial Cable to HDMI (coax to hdmi)


coax to hdmi:The signal that moves between programming sources like a DVD player, a digital media player or a cable box to a TV set needs a specific cable that has been designed to read, construe, and pass the right signal. Coax, or coaxial cables had been a standard television format for long until High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) was ... Read More »

How to Delete Your Instagram Stories From Archive (Android)

How to Delete Your Instagram Stories From Archive (Android)

As of late, Instagram added Stories to its Archive feature, giving users the capacity to see their past Stories posts and utilize them on make Highlights on their profile after the posts have lapsed from public visibility. As a matter of course, Stories posts are archived automatically, and keeping in mind that Instagram enables users to prevent this from happening, ... Read More »

Google Just Launched Storyboard,Selfissimo and Scrubbies Photography Apps

google-photography apps

Google just introduced three new photography apps :Storyboard (Android only), Selfissimo! (iOS and Android), and Scrubbies (iOS only). These apps are product of a new “appsperiments” program that Google just launched. The new program was propelled by the organization’s Motion Stills application, which was discharged a year ago with the objective of taking innovation being developed from Google and transforming it into genuine applications. Like ... Read More »

Here is Full List of 2017 Game Awards Nominees and Winners

The game awards 2017 winners are just revealed with stunning announcements including amazing takes a gander at Death Stranding, A Way Out, Fade in Silence, and a whole lot more.There was even an unexpected Bayonetta declaration to make the greater part of the Nintendo fans hop for happiness! Be that as it may, the genuine significance of this festival is to respect what we adore ... Read More »

Pokémon GO Is Adding 50 New Pokémon and Dynamic Real-World Weather Effects

50 New Pokémon and Dynamic Real-World Weather Effects : Pokémon GO update: Pokémon fan boys get ready to collect 50 new Gen III Pokemon and a new dynamic weather system. Yes! you heard right,along with new creatures you will get real-time weather update for your Pokémon GO game.Niantic rolled out bunch of new updates and that includes new Pokemon and dynamic weather effects. New Gen III pokémon ... Read More »