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Funny WiFi Names to Surprise Your Friends and Neighbours

Are you looking for funny WiFi names? Here are the funny  and cool WiFi SSID (Set Service Identifier) names to surprise your friends & neighbours. Funny WiFi Names: 1. Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi 2. It Hurts When IP 3. Dora the Internet Explorer 4. 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable 5. Porque-Fi 6. Titanic Syncing 7. Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore 8. The ... Read More »

11 Best Laptop for Data Science

Best Laptop for Data Science

If you are data science and looking for new laptop for data analysis then you are at right place. You can find lot of data science laptop buying guides on internet but they are not up to satisfaction. In this artical,you will get best laptop list for data science,buying guide and other important things which are required to choose best laptop ... Read More »

Google Cloud Platform(GCP) Vs. Amazon Web Services(AWS)


When it comes to cloud computing,Google cloud platform and Amazon web services strikes in our head firstly and the discussion of “Google Cloud Platform vs AWS” start.Obviously,discussing “Google cloud vs AWS” is helathy and it will decide which cloud service has upper hand and more cost effective. Amazon web services launched way back in 2006,while Google compute engine was launched in ... Read More »

Catch that Fish: Plenty of Fish Review (

Catch that Fish Plenty of Fish Review

Plenty of fish dating site reviews: PlentyOfFish, also known as POF, is a popular online dating service. POF is used primarily in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. This review aims to highlight the critical features of the website and any potential drawbacks to using this service over other favorite dating sites. ... Read More »

Google Cloud Platform Touches Base in India with Mumbai Region

Finally wait is over! Google launched GCP(Google Cloud Platform ) in India with new Mumbai region. On Tuesday, October 31, 2017 Dave Stiver, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform aanounced that the first Google Cloud Platform region in India is now open for all users to build applications and store your data. He also promised that  to significantly improve latency for GCP customers and end users ... Read More »

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and How It Works?


Since its invention, the computer has evolved significantly in terms of the functionalities and efficiency. Computers systems have had diverse working domains. As a result, companies have placed massive bets on this ever-changing technology. Today, there is a need to make computers that have functionalities that are more or less, like human beings. This idea of developing computer systems to ... Read More »

9 Must Have Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android & iOS


Now days technology is changing rapidly and artificial intelligence (AI),machine learning and cloud computing are the some exmples of ultra modern technology.Toady we are talking about the best artificial intelligence apps for your Android and iPhone (iOS). Bascially Artificial Intelligence is technology where machines can think like humans and perform tasks normally like human.Now days most of people aware about AI.Artificial Intelligence Apps can ... Read More »

How to Download and Install iOS 11


iOS 11 is avilable right now for download and install on your Apple devices. This update will get to those Apple user who are using Apple devices which are released in 2013 and later. iOS 11 has number of new features such as Animated emojis for iPhone X,Updated Siri with translation feature,revamped Control Centre,portrait lightning (iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X),front-facing portrait mode,peer-to-peer ... Read More »

Machine Learning : What It Is, What It Does, and How It Works

Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? Expert System defines machine learning as a form that artificial intelligence (AI) that allows systems to learn and improve their knowledge as they experience more without having to be specifically programmed to do so. The idea here is that the program can access information for its own use. If the system is utilizing machine learning, it ... Read More »

What is Cloud Computing?


Cloud computing: what is it and how does it work? To most of us, “cloud computing” is a highly bewildering topic, because in order to know what it is, you have to be able to understand what the “cloud computing” is, and how something can be stored digitally and remotely. “Where are they?” you might ask yourself of files you’re ... Read More »

What is Virtual Data Room(VDR)?

Virtual Data Room

What is virtual data room? A data room is a physical or virtual space where one party can unveil secret data in a controlled way to various other invested individuals.A virtual data room is an online storehouse of data that is utilized for the putting away and dispersion of documents. Much of the time, a virtual data room is utilized ... Read More »

How does Cloud Computing Benefit Businesses

How does Cloud Computing Benefit Businesses

Are owner of business? and are you looking for how does cloud compting benefit your businesses then you are at right place. Here we are dicussing benefits of cloud computing in business. Cloud computing in business benefits Cloud computing offers your business many advantages. It enables you to set up what is basically a virtual office to give you the ... Read More »

How to Pre-order Reliance JioPhone Using MyJio App for Just Rs 500


Reliance’s Jio 4G feature phone is now available for pre-booking on company’s MyJio App.Reliance started pre-booking  of JioPhone on August 24 at 5.30PM. You can pre-order this 4G VoLTE feature phone for just Rs 500.You   can pre-book the phone  from Reliance Retail stores  as well as other authorised stores. On the off chance that you are wanting to book the phone using ... Read More »