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Mumbai to Pune in 25 Minutes: Narendra Modi and Richard Branson Reveals Hyperloop Plan

Mumbai Pune Hyperloop

Mumbai Pune Hyperloop: Prime Minister Narendra Modi alongside Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis established the framework stone for the Hyperloop route at the worldwide summit Magnetic Maharashtra on Sunday. On the off chance that reports are to be trusted, the travel span between India’s financial capital Mumbai and Pune may be shortened to only 25 minutes from the present three ... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram


Basically, Instagram is a mobile app where you can share photos and videos. Facebook-owned Instagram is a social networking app now available on the desktop too. Like Facebook, to use Instagram you have to create the account on Instagram after that you will get news feed and other Instagram features which you can use. Nowadays Instagram is very popular worldwide and more than 800 ... Read More »

Data Security In Cloud Computing


DATA SECURITY IN CLOUD COMPUTING Advancement in technology has taken over and no organization ranging from government parastatals to a privatized or individuals wants to lose important information for any reason. A generation of the new data security in cloud computing has been in vogue helping us kiss goodbye to our data loss. Before we proceed deeply into knowing what ... Read More »

How to create,custom and share Facebook Friends Day videos with your friends


How to create, custom and share Facebook Friends Day videos with your friends: Facebook celebrates its fourteenth Birthday, it is giving users to make customized videos for their bestie and share on the online social networking site. Here’s the manner by which to go about it. Facebook celebrates Friends Day on February 4 each year and Facebook show the ‘Friends Day ... Read More »

How To Add GIPHY GIF To Instagram Stories

How to Add GIFs to Instagram Stories

Are you thinking to share GIF on Instagram? Then don’t be worry now you can share GIF easily with your Instagram stories. In a new update for both Android and iPhone users can add GIF to Instagram Stories. And this article I show you how to add GIPHY GIF to Instagram stories. The GIF bolster for stories is included the Instagram application ... Read More »

How To Post Longer Videos On Instagram

how to post longer videos on Instagram

Instagram has video upload limit. You can upload videos from 3 to 60 seconds in length if you want to share a video with your Instagram followers. If you want to share a video on your Instagram stories then you only get 15 seconds of video time per clip. And what if you have a longer video to share? then ... Read More »

How To Disable Comments On Instagram

how to disable comments on instagram

You can now turn-off comments on an individual post on Instagram, and follow this article to learn how to disable comments on Instagram. When you disable commenting, any comments that are currently in your post will be hidden. You can turn off comments for your Instagram followers by learning how to disable comments on Instagram. You can stop users from commenting on Instagram ... Read More »

How Do You Download Videos From Instagram

Video update was clever move from Instagram, now you can upload 60-second length video on Instagram. Uploading videos on Instagram are easy but what if you want to download them, share them, and view them anytime?then how do you download videos from Instagram? Regardless of whether it’s your own videos or quality videos from your friends, downloading videos from Instagram ... Read More »

How To See Last Seen On Instagram


How to see last seen on Instagram? Now you can tell your friends are online or not on Instagram. It works similar to the ‘Last Seen’ feature on WhatsApp. You can see last seen of your Instagram contacts in the Direct Messages option. Here’s how it will work and how to turn off the feature in settings. How To See ... Read More »

How to Access Facebook Full Site Desktop Version On Android & iPhone


Facebook full site: Everyone mostly uses Facebook on their mobile phone. iPhone users use Facebook on their iPhone and Android users use Facebook on Android phone. Facebook has also its own native apps for access Facebook on mobile phones. It does not matter you are using Android phone or iPhone or any tablet it will display the mobile version of Facebook site ... Read More »

How to Repost on Instagram

How to repost on Instagram: Are you checking your Instagram feed and see something cool and wants to repost it to your followers? Instagram doesn’t have a repost feature so a repost is quite difficult on Instagram as compared to Facebook share and Twitter retweet. Don’t be worry, here we covered all best ways to repost on Instagram. You can do a ... Read More »