how does your snap score go up

Snapchat is very famous social media app to keep in touch with your friends. You can share stories, pictures, and videos with other Snapchat users using your Snapchat account. One of best and unique feature of Snapchat is Snapscore. Here we are looking about how does your snap score go up. Snapscore gives every user a mathematical score based on their activity on the app. It’s better to have good snap score.

What is Snapscore?

Snapscore is Snapchat’s approach to rewarding you with points for your activities on the stage in view of a highly confidential condition just Snapchat truly knows. Your brand’s Snapchat score depends on the quantity of snaps got and sent, as well as Snapchat stories action, interactions, and video views in the Discover tab. It’s prominently shown on your Snapchat profile and visible to any individual who follows your brand on the application.¬†

Unlike to other social platforms where the “like” feature is utilized to demonstrate the number of individuals that have drawn in with a specific post or piece of content, your ubiquity on Snapchat depends on your Snapscore. What compels your Snapscore go up? Fundamentally, the more you associate with others, the higher your Snapscore will be. Snapchat stories are one more extraordinary method for expanding your Snapscore while likewise captivating with your clients and followers. By reliably posting intriguing and drawing in satisfied to your story, you’ll draw in additional perspectives and commitment, which can prompt a higher score.

How does your snap score go up?

1.Send and receive snaps

The most clear method for increase your score is by sending and receiving snaps with your followers on the application. The more snaps you send and get, the higher your score will be.

. 2. Use different types of snaps

Your Snapchat score can likewise get a boost when you broaden the kinds of snaps you send, including pictures, videos, and chat messages.

3. Use Snapchat consistently

By remaining active on the application throughout some  time, you can watch your score steadily increase and mirror your degree of commitment on the platform.

4. Increase Snapchat followers

The more followers you have on Snapchat, the more open doors you need to send and receive snaps, which can assist with expanding your score.

5. Keep up with your snap streaks

Snap streaks are a feature where clients trade snaps with other Snapchat clients for back to back days. Keeping a Snapstreak for a lengthy period can increase your score.

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