How To Use Plenty Of Fish "Are You Sure?" (AYS) Feature

POF’s new “Are You Sure?” feature is here to be your companion when you could not really be thinking with your mind . Perhaps it’s to a lesser degree a companion and more that companion that truly comes out with the plain truth when you really want to hear it. We like to figure we don’t require them, however we do. Here we are talking about How To Use Plenty Of Fish “Are You Sure?” (AYS) Feature?

AYS? fills in as an anti-harassment feature that requests that users pause for a moment before sending a message, giving a warning in progressively to clients about their initial line. The feature utilizes mechanized instruments to identify possibly hurtful language and proactively intercedes to caution the source that their message might be hostile, requesting that they audit and consider altering it prior to hitting send.

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How To Use Plenty Of Fish “Are You Sure?” (AYS) Feature?

  1. You log into POF and find someone you want to message.
  2. If, for few reasons, you choose to toss initial feelings through the window and send something your grandma would heave at, you’ll see one of two pop-ups.
  3. Then, at that point, you have three choices. You can edit the message , you can delete it totally , or you can feel free to send it at anyway.

This feature is intended to help you out with your initial feelings, so it’ll signal any of the initial three messages to another person in the event that you utilize any brilliant language. After that indeed, we really want to believe that you use sound judgment.

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