How To Make Money On Plenty Of Fish

Plenty of fish is very famous and old online dating website. If you are looking for long term relationship and potentially marriage then the POF is best for you. Plenty of fish have lot of features and it’s own profile matching algorithm for suggest you matches. Now you can not only find your date mate on plenty of fish but you earn money on plenty of fish. Here I am writing about how to make money on plenty of fish. Yes! you can earn real money using plenty of fish.

How To Make Money On Plenty Of Fish

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How To Make Money On Plenty Of Fish?

Recently POF started POF live (plenty of fish video chat) option to its desktop website and Android and iOS app. You can stream your daily activities using POF live stream option and interact with user who are watching your live stream. Main benefit of POF live stream is you can earn money doing live stream on plenty of fish. Anyone can go live on POF who has plenty of fish account.

If you really enjoy anyone’s stream, then you can send virtual gift as tip to that streamer and will give them Diamonds. Receiving gifts allows streamers to gain more exposure. Streamer can claims earned diamonds in the form of  Live credits or a cash rewards and it is great way to track your progress as streamer.  As a streamer, each diamond earned will show on your POF profile, and will give you more viewers to your stream. It will help you to build your community and with more viewers and more diamonds you can earn more money on plenty of fish.

How to increase your POF diamonds?

If you want to earn more diamonds on plenty of fish live then you need to enter fun contests streams. That only will increase your diamonds in pof live stream. You can also win other cool prizes by entering into fun contests. It also increase your viewership and diamonds and it connects you new viewers on live stream.

How to cash out your POF Diamonds?

To cash out your plenty of fish diamonds in real cash follow the below mentioned guide:

  1. Login to your POF account.
  2. Tap your Live! profile icon in the top right corner of the main Live! Screen.
  3. On your Live! profile,tap “Claim Reward” to the  right of your Diamond balance..
  4. Once prompted, tap “Claim Cash Reward” on the next screen.
  5. Confirm the number of Live! Credits  you’ll be cashing in your Diamonds for by tapping the Diamonds total in green, then tapping “okay”.
  6. Your request will  processed by Plenty Of Fish team within 3 days of receipt. Once request is approved, the time to receive funds from Paypal usually takes between 3-5 business days.

To cash out on POF, you should have a specific measure of diamonds. Every diamond is valued at $0. 0025 USD. When you have 40,000 diamonds, you can trade them for coins or money. When you arrive at this sum, you can cash out somewhere in the range of $200 and $600 per day. Thus you can earn money using plenty of fish dating website.

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