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How to Play Cue’d Up on Plenty of Fish(POF In-App Dating Card Game)

Plenty of Fish recently launched in app card game to attract more users to app. The game called Cue’d Up in the POF app trying to get singles meeting before matching profiles. Cue’d Up will see a limit of six users noting different prompts across four rounds, prior to deciding on who has the most intelligent responses. Here we are talking about how to play cue’d up on plenty of fish.

How to Play Cue'd Up on Plenty of Fish

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How to Play Cue’d Up on Plenty of Fish?

Queued up is a fill in the blank party game, where up to six singles can join the fun in real time. Round one starts by giving all players the opportunity to showcase their personality, and sense of humor by answering the same cue. Once all the cues are in each player likes their favorite likes are revealed and points are tallied queued up has four rounds. So players can see who’s vibing with who once the game is over players will have the opportunity to casually express interest by liking the person, who made them laugh the most followed by a mini swipe stack of familiar faces playing queued up allows singles to quickly capture pieces of each other’s personalities that they otherwise might not get from a static profile and connect naturally like in real life. Toward the finish of each game, the players see who they are generally viable with in view of how they casted a ballot, and can proceed with the discussion with their matches in a one-on-one visit or get another game together with new singles.

Cue’d Up is played in real life on Sundays and Wednesdays, and players can RSVP through the Plenty of Fish application to save their spot in front of the following booked game – and get an update when it begins.

The most popular questions in Cue’d Up initially include:

  • “I can’t watch a movie without _____”
  • “If I got a puppy today, I’d name it _____”
  • “My #1 pet peeve _____”
  • “My camera roll is full of _____”
  • “All I want for my birthday is _____”
  • “I could never date someone who hates _____”
  • “I never get tired of _____”

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