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How Do You Download Videos From Instagram

Video update was clever move from Instagram, now you can upload 60-second length video on Instagram. Uploading videos on Instagram are easy but what if you want to download them, share them, and view them anytime?then how do you download videos from Instagram?

Regardless of whether it’s your own videos or quality videos from your friends, downloading videos from Instagram isn’t as tricky as you may have dreaded.

Keep in mind that you can’t download videos directly from an Instagram app or desktop version of Instagram. You need to use third-party apps and other Android settings to save videos from Instagram to your mobile phone.

Different Ways To Download Videos From Instagram

Use Android File Manager

If you are using Instagram on your Android phone then you can easily download Instagram videos using your Android phone file manager. As the name suggests, Android File Manager is on Android smartphones, so sadly, this won’t work on your iPhone.

Rather than downloading applications to get your most loved videos, you can do this from here.

To do this, go to your phone’s file manager and then go to Data > com.instagram.android > Cache > Videos.

After that, you just need to change the extension of one of the files from .0 to MP4 and then you will have videos on your phone.

Now Open the renamed file with any .mp4 support player on your android phone thus you can save videos from Instagram to your Android phone.

Use Video Downloader Apps For Instagram

A third party app to download Instagram videos is known as the Video Downloader for Instagram.

This is extraordinary as you can download or repost videos from Instagram with a single push of a button. The video is then added to your phone’s gallery application so you can watch the videos you need whenever.


There are a large group of applications in the App Store for iOS, yet a considerable lot of them contain advertisements and in-application buys and are hard to utilize.

Regrammer, in the meantime, is free. When you have the application, open it and past to the Instagram URL, and click review. You would then be able to decide to either download the video onto your device or repost it.


PostGraber is incredible on the off chance that you need to spare time and download all photos and videos that are connected to a single Instagram post.

Most third-party tools can acquire one bit of content for each post; yet with PostGraber you can download ALL the photographs and videos from a single post.

To do this, all you should do is go to the PostGraber website and paste the URL of the Instagram post you need to download and click go. All the content ought to show up in your downloads.


We will abandon you with one more web application. It’s constantly sensible to keep a couple of web applications for downloading Instagram videos in your weapons store, as they will regularly go down for two or three days on end.

At this point, you’ll be acquainted with the procedure for utilizing the service. Get the URL of the video or picture you need, at that point past it into the Gramblast web application and click Download.

Contingent upon the extent of the file, you ought to have another MP4 on your PC in a matter of seconds. You can utilize the video to re-transfer to an alternate web-based social networking system, or simply keep it on your hard drive so you can allude back to it later.

Note: Be cautioned, however – before you endeavor to download any Instagram content from the application on to your gadget you should realize that Instagram has some strict standards with respect to copyright.

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