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How to send secure email attachments in gmail

You can send files,photos or videos and spreadsheets as attachments in Gmail.Sending attachments in Gmail is not rocket science you can easily send attachments.How to send secure email attachments in gmail

How to send secure email attachments in Gmail

If you want to send more secure email attachments in Gmail then don’t be worry Gmail started encryption in 2014 for all users.It means,if you are using Gmail app or Gmail in chrome then your email is already encrypted.

But,encryption is only for Gmail to Gmail email sending.In case,if you want to send email o other email provider like Yahoo or Outlook;then encryption is no longer applied,as generally the recipient wouldn’t have the capacity to peruse it. So while this is surely a major stride towards security, it leaves some fairly substantial gaps that could trade off your protection.

At that point obviously there is simply the issue that Google, or possibly software made by the company, checks your messages for keywords with the goal that it can serve advertisements that will be material to your interests. From numerous points of view it’s the value you pay for the free service. Google obviously keeps up that the substance is never really perused by anybody, however in the event that you are stressed over the sacredness of the information it may be ideal to utilize a plugin, for example, you can use snapmail.co for sending encrypted emails to third party email providers.

Send a File Attachment with Gmail

  1. Go to www.gmail.com and login to your Gmail.com
  2. Click Compose option to write new email.
  3. Click Attach a file Attach.while composing a message in Gmail.
  4. A file selection dialog pops up will open.
  5. Choose the files you want to upload.
  6. Click Open.and it will attch your desired file as an attachment with your Gmail email.

Remove a File from a Message You Are Sending

To cancel an attachment you have added to email:

  • Click remove next to the undesired file or
  • Make sure the box preceding it is not checked.

Attachment size limit

You can send up to 25 MB in attachments.If you want to attach more than 25 MB size attchment you have to use Google Drive and Gmail automatically adds a Google Drive link in the email instead of including it as an attachment.


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