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Samsung’s Foldable Phone: Galaxy X

Next big thing is a foldable phone. Recently Royole launched the world’s first foldable phone. Now it’s Samsung turn, Samsung’s also revealed Galaxy X Samsung’s first foldable phone. Here are all details about Samsung’s foldable phone: Galaxy X.Samsung's Foldable Phone: Galaxy X

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Samsung’s Foldable Phone: Galaxy X

According to Samsung, it is Infinity Flex Display. And the phone itself has a tablet-sized screen that can be folded up to fit into a pocket. It’s not fixed a phone to be called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F.

Samsung still not officially announced the launch date of the foldable phone. Samsung’s Justin Denison showed us a prototype of a folding phone. Samsung’s model has a 4.5-inch display that you’ll utilize when it’s closed. At that point within opens into a 7.3-inch screen. You could contend that you have what might as well be called three displays to work with.

Of course, Samsung foldable phone will run on Android. Google is officially supporting these foldable devices. Rather than Samsung, other companies like Huawei, Lenovo, and Xiaomi are also working on a foldable phone.

Samsung will start selling foldable phones in 2019. And Samsung still not announced what will be the price of Galaxy X. As per experts, a foldable phone will have at least one plastic screen. You can use the foldable phone like your usual phone. And open it when you want to use a large screen. Right now, Samsung’s plan will “turn off” the 4.5-inch screen and open your application on the bigger 7.3-inch inside the screen, getting where you exited off.

As I mentioned earlier, Samsung not announced the price of a foldable phone. So we have to wait for the official launch of  Samsung’s foldable phone: Galaxy X. Or once I get other details about Samsung’s foldable phone, I will update about price, specs and release date of Samsung’s Foldable Phone: Galaxy X.

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