Why People Are Stupidly Crazy About Buying Apple Products On The First Day?

Why people are stupidly crazy about buying Apple products on the first day?Because Apple changed the era of smartphone,Apple innovation changed the people thinking about smartphones and tablets.Every year ┬ámore people buy iPhones,iPads ,Macs and other Apple products.Now Apple going to launch iPhone 6,iWatch and ios8 on September 9.As usual people are wating crazily for buiying iPhone6 and iwatch on first day of launch.World wide Apple fans wait for Apple next event and people stand in line for 12-24-48 hours to grab Apple product like iPhone or iWatch on the very first day.But you ever think why so people waste thiers time to wating Apple product to buy on First day?Here is one video which show the why people are stupidly crazy about Apple products or iPhones on the first day.Video is little old and video is during launch of iPhone 5 but don’t worry same video situation going to happen on the during the iPhone6 and iWatch launching day.

Intresting fact is many people dont know why they wait for Apple products also people wants to be first to hold Apple product.Here are quite intresting discussion on quora how many hours a year people waste in line for Apple products.
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