How to Create a Disposable Email Account

Are you worrying about scam emails? then don’t be worry try disposable email account and avoid scam.A disposable email address is temporary email address that automatically expires after a predefined period of time.They are created so you can give it websites,individuals and companies that you don,t necessarily trust and wanting to send you spam.They are also used for hide your true identity from spammer.Steps to Create disposable email account:
 1.To create a disposable email account for yourself,go to the Anonymous Email feature on the Hide My Ass website.

2.Then fill out the form to create a disposable email account for yourself,and this email come with the extension

create a disposable email account
Anonymous Email

3.Then choose username and password you want for the disposable email also need to specify an expiry date for your disposable email account,on which it will self-destruct automatically.The expiry date can be anything from twenty-four hours to a year.

4.Finally,you can also specify your real email address,where you will receive notifications whenever you get a new email in your disposable account.

6.To log in to your disposable email account,open your browser to Anonymous Email whenever you want.

Thus you can make your disposable email account. You can use other popular free disposable email account providers are the following:
1.Yop mail
2.Trash mail
3.Fake inbox
4.Guerrilla mail
       Image Credit: Hide My Ass
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