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How to Block Ads on Websites

In internet marketing huge revenue generated by displaying ads on website,but fact is no one likes ads much.Ads are a waste of time,slow down your browsing experience.However,the good news is that it is possible for you to block ads from being displayed on your favorite websites with the help of the Adblock Plus browser extension.

1)It is available as a free download from https://adblockplus.org  and can be installed on most popular browsers such as Firefox,Chrome,Opera.You can also download it for Android.

2)Once installed,Adblock Plus will automatically block all ads on websites you visit and prevent them from getting displayed on your screen,it blocks following types of ads:

#Google ads in search results 
#YouTube video ads at the start of video
#Pop-up ads 
#Banner ads

3) With Adblock Plus it is very easy for you to switch between enabling and disabling ads on aparticular website based on your personal preferences,by simply clicking on Adblock Plus icon on your URL address bar.Not that there will be too many occasions when you want to enable ads  on website!
4)With Adblock Plus in your browser,you will never need to worry about being bombarded with annoying ads on your favorite websites and instead will be able to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. 
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