What do the symbols mean on POF

As we all know Plenty Of Fish is a very old and very popular dating website. You can download and install the POF app freely. Talking about the symbols or the images of Plenty of Fish, the application images or symbols on Plenty of Fish could refer to the menus or the elements features by POF. Here I am answering what do the symbols mean on POF?

What do the symbols mean on POF?

Indeed, they address – Meet Me, Explore Tab, Live! What’re more, Messages. This is how every one of these symbols will help you: Meet Me is where you can give different members a mark on the off chance that you “like” them or an X on the off chance that you’re not feeling it. In the event that you give another part a green check mark, they will be told. 

Here is a list of POF symbols:

  • Messages
  • Live!
  • Search
  • Nearby
  • My Matches
  • Viewed Me
  • Meet Me
  • My Profile
  • My Likes

What does the black heart mean on POF?

It is black heart-colored emoji and it can mean you are feeling emotional, have a dull contorted soul, sullen funny bone, or simply love sad stuff. In case you can send black heart emoji when your mood is off.

What is a lightning bolt on POF? 

The yellow lightning bolt is the symbol for POF’s “Super Like” feature. At the point when you Super Like somebody. They’ll be informed and it will appear as a yellow lightning bolt close to your profile.

What is the watching symbol on POF? 

What’s the significance here to Favorite Someone in Live!? At the point when you Favorite somebody in Live!, either by tapping the star symbol while viewing the stream or tapping “Favorite” on the Streamers’ profile, you’re indicating yourself partake in this Streamer and need to know at whatever point they begin streaming once more.

What does the heart symbol mean on Plenty of Fish? 

“Like” Anyone from Anywhere
You will likewise track down this heart symbol in large numbers of our rundowns, making it quicker to communicate interest. At the point when you “like” somebody, they will be added to your “My Likes” section, and the individual you liked will be informed that you preferred them.


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