how to get happn premium for free

How To Get Happn Premium For Free

Happn is an app for mobile phones that allows you to search individuals you meet in the city. It may not be pretty much as famous as different options like Tinder, in any case, its performance is comparable. It was launched in 2014 and now it has more than 100 million users across whole world. Happn is free to download and install . You need to login to your happn account. Happn has premium version too, and here I am writing about How To Get Happn Premium For free.

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How To Get Happn Premium For free

  1. Go to the
  2. Scroll and find ‘Free Happn Premium Forever!’ and tap on it.
  3. Here you will see app injection required message. Tap on inject.
  4. To use inject you need to install two free apps or offers to start the injection process.
  5. DOnwload suggested frr apps and open it.
  6. Now open the happn app and you can see your  premium version is unlocked for your happn account.

Thus you can use happn premium version for free. If you dont like above method to get happn premium for free you can use alternative methods which are explained below.

You can complete mission and get rewards for that. After getting reward you get happn premium free redeem code and you can redeem it as Happn credit. Third party apk also gives you free happn premium version. Below is free happn premium accounts. K5yy9Eus Dani2007 h4488UYx

Don’t change email id and password so other users can use it.  Happn premium provides you ad free use of app. You will get 10 flashnotes per day and access to the people list that you have been liked. If you want to revisit any profile you can use reverse option also you will get 5 videos call free. And all this is included in happn premium version.