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Can You Send Pictures On Tinder?

Tinder is world wide very famous dating app. You can use tinder to find your date mate. It will use GPS and your intrest and suggest matches to you. Tinder is avilable on both Android and iOS platforms. You just need to download and install app and do signup and login to your tinder account and start swiping. Swipe left to reject someone, and swipe right to match with them. If you’ve matched with someone – meaning that you’ve both swiped right on each other,means it’s match on tinder. Once you match each other on tinder you can start chatting with each other. In chatting on tinder you can send text messages, gif on tinder. You are thinking about can you send pictures on tinder? then don’t be worry. Here I am writing about can you send pictures on tinder?

Can you send pictures on tinder?

In case you get match on tinder and looking for send picture message on tinder. And you are wondering how to send pictures on tinder.

Indeed, unfortunately, the short answer is NO: you can’t send pics on Tinder (regardless of whether you have Tinder Gold).

But, don’t be worry There are a few other creative techniques to send picture messages that I’ve sorted out.

You can upload photos on third party websites or app and share links to your matches on tinder.

  1. Go to prnt.cs on your phone’s browser. (either Safari, Chrome, or whatever one you use)

  2. Click on “Browse Images”.
  3. Select “Photo Library” from the pop-up menu that comes.
  4. From your photo gallary select the photo you want to send.
  5. The website will generate a link for the photo.
  6. Open the link to ensure it’s your desired photograph to send.
  7. Now, simply copy the link.
  8. Open your Tinder dating application and navigate to the chat of the individual you need to send the photograph to.
  9. Paste the link in the chatbox and press send. 

This is your simple and secure method for sending pics on Tinder.

You can likewise create links for pictures on your Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, or iCloud, or some other web-based social media and share them in a flash with your Tinder matches.

How To Send GIF On Tinder

Sending gif on Tinder is very easy task. When you get a match and open the chat. You’ll find the GIF option situated in the bottom-left corner of the chat window. 

  • To send a GIF  just press the GIF option.
  • A window will appear from where you can select the right GIF to send.
  • You can likewise do looks for GIFs assuming you as of now have the ideal one as a primary concern.

Thus you can send GIF on tinder. If you have any question regarding how to send pictures on tinderask us via comments below.

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