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How To Check Who Liked Your Profile On Happn

Happn is mobile dating app that uses your mobile phone location using GPS, and shows the portntial matches. Each time you cross somebody’s path, this present individual’s profile will be added to the top of your feed. It works like Highlight, however for dating.You like profiles of other users on Happn and other people will also like your profile. If you are thinking about how to check who liked my profile on happn? Then you are at right place here I am writing about how to check who liked your profile on happn.

To get to the List of people who have Liked you, you probably bought into happn Premium which you can access from the accompanying menus: “My preferences” or “Application Settings” (“My Account”) by tapping on the “Find happn Premium” button.

How To Check Who Liked YourProfile On Happn?

The List of users who have Liked you permits you to know straightforwardly who are users who have Liked your profile. This list shows up on upper left of the screen in the “Messages” section.

When you can see who has Liked you, you should simply Like❤️ these users back so you can get a Crush and begin chatting with them.

On the off chance that users have Liked you, the heart-molded symbol in the upper left-hand corner in the “Messages” menu begins beating. If you have subscribed to happn premium, you just want  to tap that heart beating symbol aand you will see who is liked you on happn.

How can you access the List of people who have Liked you once you have subscribed?

By tapping on the heart-shaped symbol that says “They are Interested” in the upper left-hand corner, in the “Messages” menu.

How can you remove a user from the List of people who have Liked you?

By blocking them for not a really obvious explanation or by squeezing the cross button (provided that you haven’t as of now done it on the main interface).

Kindly remember that it is feasible to track down this profile in the “List of blocked users”, from the “My preferences” page (in “My Account”).

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