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Happn Web: How To Use Happn In Web Browser

As we all know that happn is location based mobile dating app. But, for your information, you can use happn in web browser on your PC/laptop. Here I am writing about happn web and how to use happn in web browser of your laptop or computer.

Happn has more than 100 millions users world wide. If you are in search of datemate nearby you then happn is best for you. You can find the people you’ve crossed paths with and the people you like. Happn is free to use and it has premium subscription plan too. You can use happn on your desktop browser.

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Happn Web: How To Use Happn In Web Browser

Like mobile phone, on web you have 3 diffrent option to sign in to your happn account. You can use happn web using Google email, Facebook and your phone number. Follow below mention steps to use happn in web browser.

  1. Go to happn.app on your laptop or pc in your favorite web browser.
  2. Click on ‘Sign in’ button which is located at top right side corner.
  3. You will pop up which saying ‘Let’s go !’ and show diffrent login option.
  4. You will get option of Continue with Google, Continue with Facebook, Use my phone number.
  5. Select any one option and follow insctruction which comes.
  6. Done! you will start using happn on web.

Step are same which you are used to happn mobile login once you select option which you want to login to happn web. It means you can login to happn web using your email account, Facebook account or your phone number.

Features are same on web as like mobile happn. You can like people which your crossed path with. Also you can see who are liked your profile if you have paid subscrption of happn. In case, you don’t have account you can sign up for happn on web too.

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