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What Does Gen Mean On Grindr

Last updated on February 5th, 2022 at 09:53 pm

If you are Grindr user then you are come across term”Gen” on Grindr. And if you are thniking what does gen mean on grindr? then you are at right place. Here I am writing about what does Gen stand for on grindr. As you know grindr is location based social dating app for gay,tans and queer people. It is very famous dating app worldwide used for matching and chatting. During text exchange or in bio gen word is used on grindr.

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What Does Gen Mean On Grindr?

Gen stands for Generous. You will come across “generous” or “gen only,” on grindr.

Could you get banned on Grindr for saying you’r Gen?

No. You only get banned for soliciting, meaning directly asking for money. You’re allowed to say you’re gen, and you’re allowed to ask someone if they’re gen. But be carful when other user will report your profile your changes of getting banned on grindr increases.

The best way to say your gen on grindr is just bury it, and the end of the profile or put rose emojis 🌹 people looking for gens will understand. Thus you can say your gen on grindr.

Wrap Up

My personal advice is you stay away from gen word and trap. Because sometimes it will trap and you will get fooled or looted by other users just saying gen and offering perks. If you are serious and other user is also serious and both you get verifed it’s generous then go for it.

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