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Gaming Laptop VS Gaming Desktop

Last updated on July 10th, 2021 at 12:30 am

All right so you’re, considering whether buying a gaming desktop or gaming laptop you don’t know which one to get and you’ve come to this post for someone else’s opinion to hopefully shed light on your break. You feel better about the purchase you’re about to make or make you make up your mind whether it’s a desktop or a laptop. Here we are talking about gaming laptop vs gaming desktop.


Gaming Laptop VS Gaming Desktop: Which is better for you?

So, let’s get right into a point, we were going to start with a laptop with some pros and cons and we’ll move to the desktop so first off the first pro for a laptop or a gaming laptop is a fact that it’s super convenient. You can bring it with you.

It is portable, we’ll talk about that and it’s something to just bring over to a friend’s house, play a game and just have some fun. You know you don’t have to worry about lugging around a big box and having your monitors with you and your keyboards and your mouse, and all that stuff and worrying about setting it up. Looking for extra plugins on the wall sure gotta get out that power strip, it’s something you can bring with you and play you possibly could even do this in school and impress all your friends an X Pro to a laptop is the fact that not only Is it more cutting-edge, it’s kind of a cool thing to have you know not a lot of people have a gaming laptop, but it’s something that is kind of like a staple. You can say: oh man, I’ve got that Alienware. I have that MSI or if you’re fortunate enough to have a razor blade.

You can pull that thing out and people will be envious, whether their console players or PC players say. Look at that and be like. You can play games on that and all you had to say is yes, so, let’s move on to say some cons and unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to gaming laptops. So, first, off we’re gonna talk about form factor they’re thick, not the good kind of thick they’re super heavy and it’s pretty much like carrying around brick with you everywhere you go, and we know some of you guys are like yeah, but the razor is Just as thin as the new MacBook Pro and it’s a gaming laptop yes and no, the razor blade thermal throttles and what that means is whenever you’re gaming on that thing and you’re putting the screen to use. Basically and all your cores and your hard drive and your video card thing heats up and it starts slowing down, and it’s not one of those things that you’re going to play.

Triple-A titles on whether it be black ops, 3 for some custom zombie maps, or like GTA, so the fact that it’s so thin keeps it really really warm inside and that’s not a good thing, so bigger pcs or bigger gaming laptops is a good thing in some Ways because when they can fit way, more technology, underneath the hood – and the next thing is that it doesn’t heat up quite as much the air can get in there and it can get out cool all your parts down and keep it nice, but not as much as an actual tower or a gaming desktop so another con – and this was the big one – this is the one that we really want you guys to think about if you’re really considering buying a gaming laptop and it’s that the battery life is not good. Whenever you hear laptop makes you think your mom’s Dell and you’re like hey, I could be playing she’s always on that thing and it never dies. But no, in fact, gaming on a gaming laptop has for all of 15 to 30 minutes and you’re done. That’s it. The battery dies it completely shuts off, which is not a good thing, and then you’re stuck there having to plug it into the wall and be tethered to a wall.

The exact thing, a laptop is not supposed to be and gaming like that. The next thing is the screen size. The screen sizes are not that good, because if it’s going to be a gaming laptop we would like to see anything over 15 inches. But it looks like people are going for that 1314. Pushing 15 kinds of screen real estate, and we don’t like that and most people like, oh, we hook it up to an external monitor anyway.

We just use that on the go or whatever, but if you’re going to hook it up to a monitor, have a mouse and keyboard. Why not have a Desktop and actually get really good performance for your money? And next up we’re going to be talking about the desktops.  You can make up your mind so pros with a desktop. Are you an unlimited amount of times just unlimited updates or upgrades?

Rather, you can. If you need more RAM, you stick some more RAM in there. If you need another graphics card, you hook another graphics card in there you either yank the one you got out. If it doesn’t support SLI or crossfire – and you put the new one in and if that one supports us a lot of crossfire, you put another one in and you bridge it, and you have the power of two graphics cards to one monitor or two or three Or, however many monitors you have when you’re playing games, you can always upgrade, even if you spend a small amount at the beginning, as long as you put your money into decent parts that you can work on and work up from, you can always upgrade. So that’s why we always say: put a little bit more money into your CPU and motherboard to make sure that you have proper expandability and also with your power supply.

That’s one! That’s three things! You really need to put your money into it whenever you’re building a budget build pc unless you’re going to be happy with that, and you know that you’re going to upgrade the complete thing and a few years. So that’s something to look forward to and a desktop the next kind of pro for a desktop is that you’re getting actual performance so as with a notebook you’re, getting them versions of the mobile version, you’re getting a mobile graphics card, you’re, getting a mobile processor and not all are like that. We do give that we’ll.

Take that, but the majority out there are like that: you’re getting the mobile GTX 980 or nine sixty-nine seventy and it nowhere near stands up to what the performance is of that of the desktop version. And now, let’s move into the cons of having a desktop and the number one thing is. There is absolutely no portability right now, if someone’s like, hey bring your setup over to my house, set it up and we’ll do some videos or something it would probably take you three or more hours to tear down your entire setup and get it into your car and then get going and setting it all back up over there or somewhere else would probably take that much of time too because we don’t only take well, we guess we’ll leave that out. So, let’s just say about two and a half hours. That would probably be our set-up time and that’s just with two monitors and a desktop, and it’s not even the fact that it’s like, oh you just unplug it and threw it in it’s all your.

The cables are neatly organized, so you gotta. You got to deal with that too you’re, not just gonna slap them back and that’s a con. We can’t really think of too many more cons for a desktop. We guess, you don’t want something bulky in your room and you have to buy a monitor. You have to buy a keyboard mouse that all factors into the price.

 Hopefully, you guys can make up your mind about this. And choose wisely in gaming laptop vs gaming desktop. 

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