logitech g502 hero high-performance gaming mouse

 In This post, we’re going to be talking about one of Logitech’s, most popular gaming, mouse and that’s the Logitech G502 and we’re gonna be discussing if it’s really worth it for fifty dollars or if you should look at other options. A gaming mouse is basically a desktop mouse with extra capacities to make it fit PC gaming and extreme focus programming. these functions regularly incorporate programmable buttons, higher sensitivity, customizable weight, and quicker reaction times. There are many gaming mice available in the market but here we are talking about the Logitech G502 Hero high-performance gaming mouse.

Key Features of Logitech G502 hero high-performance gaming mouse

  • Sensor: Hero 25K sensor. Max dpi sensitivity plus zero smoothings, filtering, or acceleration.
  • Connection: It comes with a ‘wired‘ connection. 
  • Memory: You will get ‘onboard memory‘ with this gaming mouse.
  • You will get an adjustable 200-25,600 dpi range.
  • It comes with 11 customizable buttons
  • Adjustable weight system: You can adjust up to five removable 3.6 grams weights inside the mouse for personalized weight and balance tuning.
  • It comes with mechanical switch button tensioning
  • It comes without a battery.

Logitech G502 Hero High-Performance Gaming Mouse Review

What you get inside of the box?

Let’s get starting off with what you get inside of the box you buy. First off you get the g502 itself. Extra weights which you can use as per your need. You get a big Logitech sticker as well as a user manual.

Design & Look 

When it comes to the design of the mouse it comes with the cable, you can see that it is fully braided and it isn’t too stiff. Nor does it have that much drag and something you can definitely live with going on to the mouse itself.

This mouse has a really futuristic look because of all the shapes and intricate buttons that it has everywhere, with a total of 12 buttons on this mouse. It’S pretty cool.

Now, when it came to the right-click and then left-click buttons. They didn’t feel too premium, nor did they feel too cheap. They were really nice feeling and then all the other buttons, on the other hand, did feel a bit on the cheaper side, but you could tell that they were built.

Well, the sound of all the buttons and the scroll wheel is also good. Now this mouse does have two centric RGB zones. You do have the g right there, as well as the dpi indicators. Those are also RGB, which you can customize fully through the Logitech g-hub software. 

Build quality

The build quality is fully made out of plastic. It’s pretty durable plastic, it’s more of so hard shell, but on the sides, you can see some grip, which is very nice. It’s more so triangular-shaped, and the plastic over here is much softer than what it is at the top. So it’s more comfortable now design-wise as well. One thing we can say is this: mouse: size-wise is a bit on the bigger side. So if you’ve got small hands, then clawing this mouse or just holding this mouse, in general, might be an issue for you now.

Mouse weight system

The mouse is a bit on the heavier side coming in at 126 grams when we waited on our scale, but you also do have the option that if you flip it over to the backside, lift up a tab, you can add the extra weights each weight Individually is 3.6 grams, which it’s pretty cool, the way that you can add it and make it a bit more precise just in case if you want your mouse to be heavier or lighter, you do have the option to do so now there are five weights included When you pick up this mouse.

Mouse buttons

 This mouse has 12 customizable buttons. Which you can customize them as well to whatever preference you like again, all that’s done to the g-hub software. So on the aspect of customization, this mouse is not lacking on the gaming side of things.

Final Words:

So for me the gaming aspect was very nice. The editing and office work as well was really nice because of all the buttons and how you can program it to do whatever you want and overall for fifty or under fifty dollars, you’re getting a really solid mouse. Now, if you’re, someone who loves customization and the fact that you can adjust the mouse to your own preference, the G502 Hero is definitely for you for the reason that you can customize the colors, the subtle RGBs it has. You can customize any of the 12 buttons as well, and you can also adjust the weight of the mouse to your own liking. So if customization is one thing that you really value in a mouse, this is the one. Click here to buy

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