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How To Write a Dating Profile For a Man

. We got a lot of emails from our readers asking for tips on how they can be successful on Plentyoffish. So today we’re talking to our male users and the topic is your profile. Maybe you’ve been on the site for a few weeks and you’re, starting to notice that the number of women replying to your messages and viewing your profile is slowly starting to dwindle or maybe you’ve just joined the site and are looking for some tips on how to create a unique profile that really entices women. Which helps you to how to write a dating profile for a man.

To give you a second look, I’m here to help you consider what women are really looking for. I’m going to give you some effective ways to improve your dating profile, I’m going to show you examples of good and bad profiles, and, most importantly, I’m going to explain the reasons behind all my tips and tactics so that you understand why your current strategy, you may not be working if you take my advice and put some solid energy into your profile, I guarantee you’re gonna see results here we go.

How to write a dating profile for a man:

Note: Tutorial is done using Plenty Of Fish dating profile.

Main profile image

Okay, let’s start with your images. The first thing women are going to see is your main profile image. Your thumbnail photo is shown on the top bar of images, which is shown on every page on the site or app. It also appears on Meet Me and matches and besides all of the messages, you send to make sure this photo is your best.

how to write a dating profile for a man

Good idea for your main profile image

Here’S a question for you, which of the following seems like a good idea for your main profile image: you with your shirt off you with a sideways hat, your passport photo, or you and a baby.

First of all, if you have kids we’ll know what for meaning your profile and if you don’t have kids where’d, you get the baby from. Are you just holding your friend’s baby? Sure, abs, fast cars, and being a world-class karate champ may be attractive, but show-offs or not, and when you try to impress a woman with these sorts of things, it actually just has the opposite effect.

You know what she’s thinking, what is this guy try to make up for no bro shots or gang signs? This is a Facebook, it’s plenty of fish, it might be convenient, but it actually just makes you look immature and make sure it’s not a photo taken in the mirror cell phone smile and do your best to look friendly in your photos when taking a picture.

Think about the last thing that made you laugh out loud, then smile take shots of yourself doing different activities. Women want to see how you spend your free time. Take your photos outside the outdoors is a great backdrop for any photo. Girls want to see what you really look like, so in order to do this, need to see at least one good headshot and one clear body shot, and they should have been taken within the last six months in order for a woman to Take the Next Step and agree to meet you in person. She needs to have a good idea of what you really look like.

Here’S, a great tip, consider switching up your main profile image periodically, especially if you notice that the number of women viewing your profile is starting to decline. I recommend this for two reasons: number one. Girls passed over your profile before and didn’t message you girls gonna assume, they aren’t interested and number two. You might think you look great in a shot, but girls/woman favorite might be something else test out. A few main images and see which one gets you the best results.

Don’t lie about yourself in profile

Unfortunately, a lot of women will write off certain men if they see a so-called deal-breaker on their profile. Sometimes you can get around this. Sometimes you can, let’s just make sure that you’re making your profile the best it can be whatever you do. Don’t lie about the hard facts. . The problem with lying is not that you said you were 30 when you’re actually 35. It’s not that you said you were a lawyer when, in fact, you just watch a lot of Judge Judy. If a woman really likes, you she’s likely to look past some of her deal-breakers, but she won’t be able to look past the fact that you’ve blatantly lied. You can use a little bit of careful emphasis on certain parts of your profile. For example, if you have the occasional cigarette and you wouldn’t mind giving it up it’s okay, to answer no to the question.

Give clear thought about your profession in profile

Now another profile details give some thought to is your profession? The truth is, most women aren’t looking for the world, they are looking for a guy who has some career goals and is financially independent. Some of POF male users tend to write things in their professional field like got one or just ask, or even yes. This is an avoidance technique and it automatically raises a red flag for women if you’re not proud of your current work situation, it’s okay, emphasize your goals and where you see yourself in two to five years, maybe you plan on going back to school, maybe you’re in school and you have a plan for when you graduate talk about this stuff, women love ambitious men with a plan.

If you do feel uncomfortable listing your profession just list a more general term, for instance, if you’re a legal aide Leslie go, you can talk about this more in your profile, description, or even on your first date. Next up, which intent should you select, and what are you looking for? My recommendation is that, if you’re actually open to meeting someone, you like don’t be shy to say so, don’t suggest that you’re not looking for anything serious or that you have no time for a relationship even if you’re, not necessarily looking for a relationship.

 Keep profile description should be short & unique

You’re gonna deter women from being interested okay, so a woman that you’ve messaged has viewed your images. You passed all of your deal-breakers and she’s still interested next she’s gonna check out your profile description. Your profile description should be free short paragraphs. The first is the opening line. The second is, who are you and what do you like to do and the third is: what are you looking for? i’m hunting fish whatever you do, please don’t start with well, I don’t really know how this online dating thing works. i’m not really sure why I’m here, I’m not really looking for anything in particular. Yes, we get it you’re, not good at talking about yourself, but if we’re reading your profile, we’re clearly interested in your description, be positive. Don’T talk about any negative experiences that you’ve had with women or the fact that you haven’t been able to meet anyone yet say something that will show off your confidence and, most importantly, your sense of humor women love funny guys.

Tell about yourself in profile

Try to avoid talking about the fact that you may have just moved here and are looking for new friends. Women really aren’t interested in being your tour guide. When women read a profile like this, she thinks this guy’s bored he’s got no one to go to the bar with so, yes, you may be new in town. You may not know a soul but put a positive spin on it.

You’re adventurous and you’re exciting job allowed you to move to this new city grab a piece of paper and a pen and quickly jot down a few words that represent you think about what makes you unique try to avoid generalizations like I’m a fun sweet guy. You want to make sure that you don’t sound like everyone else.

If you’re social, are you always planning events or hanging out with friends, if your intellectual do you love reading books or learning new things in your free time? If your musical, do you jam in your garage or sing in your shower if you’re athletic, do you play team sports or work out regularly, or rather than using an example? Why not recount the story if you’re adventurous talk about the last trip you took, women will definitely remember your profile and it might even be a great conversation topic when you start messaging they’ll be scared of admitting some of your quirks there’s nothing hotter than a guy Who’S comfortable in his own skin remember to talk about what you’re, looking for, if you’re, looking for a woman, who’s, educated and loves to travel and say so, you’re on a computer, so use spellcheck try to avoid bad grammar.

Final words for: how to write a dating profile for a man

Okay, so you’ve got your great images. You’Re awesome description, you’re, confident about who you’re looking for and you’re emphasizing your best features. The rest is up to her so send her a message. Did you know you can send messages on the go with POF new mobile apps they’re, free and available on iPhone and Android.

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