sears credit card login

How To Do Sears Credit Card Login

If you do shopping at the same-store frequently or 2-3 times a month. Then it’s better to get a store dedicated credit card to get discounts and rewards. In any case, even successive Sears customers should skip the retail chain’s branded credit cards and select rather for a broadly useful rewards card. Here I am talking about how to do sears credit card login.

Sears credit cards have two types i) sears MasterCard and ii) sears card. Both the cards are given by Citibank. Singes cards not just better your shopping experience, sears Mastercard installment techniques are likewise straightforward. These cards are made for individuals who shop much of the time at sears and regularly huge spending.

Sears Credit Card Login

You can manage your sears card account online rather than any traditional ways. Sear’s credit card online account offers you numerous advantages like comfort, proficiency, security, and privacy.

With online sears credit card account, clients can appreciate a lot of online services like Sears Credit Card Bill, Online Bill Payment, and other account subtleties. You simply need to login to sears credit card account to make move and furthermore check receipt of your transaction on the web.

If you are an existing user, follow these simple steps to log in to Sears Credit Card.

  1. Go to 
  2. Select the card to manage your account and access the sears credit card login page.
  3. Now enter your User ID & Password and click on the Sign-On button.
  4. After login, you have to verify your identity. Enter your complete name as it is decorated on your credit card and the last four digits of your standardized savings number to finish the confirmation.
  5. When you effectively login to sears credit card, you can check your current balance, Mastercard bill due, make installments, and so forth. You can likewise confirm your buys, balance move, and different facilities.

sears credit card login

Thus you can do sears credit card login and enjoy online facilities.

How to Register for a New Sears Credit Card?

If you are new and want to register for sears credit card follow these steps:

  1. Go to 
  2. Select card type and go to the sears credit card registration page.
  3. Click on the “Register Your Card” button under the “SIGN ON” button and go through the verification of credit card information.
  4. Fill your credit card number, your name (display on credit card), security code, and last 4 digits of your social security card number and verify.
  5. Enter your own personal data in the required boxes and adhere to the guidelines to finish the registration procedure.
  6. select a User ID and Password to Login into your account in the future. Remember never disclose this USER ID and Password to anyone for security purposes.
  7. Now Select Security Question and Fill an answer for the same for the safety and privacy of your account.
  8. Pick the services you need from Sears Credit Card Account and Click on ‘Next’ Button. You are finished with your Sears Credit Card Account. Presently you can get to various sorts of online assistance with your Sears Mastercard.

Register for a New Sears Credit Card

When your registration is done, you will get a confirmation email.

How to retrieve a forgotten Sears Credit Card Account USER ID and Password?

  1. In case you forget USER ID and Password, it is simple to reset. Select “Retrieve User ID” or “Reset Password”.
  2. Enter your credit card number, full name as a display on the credit card, card security PIN, and last 4 digits of your Social security number.
  3. Review all the details for any error.
  4. Click on the “Verify” button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Sears Credit Card Payment Methods

There are 4 different sears credit card payment methods –

  1. Online
  2. Phone
  3. Mail
  4. In-person

1. Sears Credit Card Bill Payment by Online

  1. Visit Sears Credit Card Website.
  2. Login into Sears Credit Card Account.
  3. Click on the “Sears Bill Pay” Option.
  4. Choose whether you want to make a minimum payment, full payment, or schedule payment for another date.
  5. Make the payment through the bank account linked with your sears account.

2. Sears Credit Card Payment by Phone

You can pay sears credit card bill by phone 24/7 by dialing toll-free number 1-800-815-7701. Follow the customer service representative instructions to make your card payment.

Additional Phone Numbers

  • Technical Assistance –  1-800-815-7701
  • TDD/TTY for the Hearing Impaired – 1-866-357-2484
  • Outside the US., Canada and Puerto Rico, Call Collect – 1-800-437-3277

3. Sears Credit Card Bill Payment by Mail

You can mail your payments to the following address –

Sears Payment Center

P.O. Box 9001055

Louisville, KY 40290-1055

For overnight payment, use this address –

Sears Payment Center / Overnight

6716 Grade Lane

Building 9, Ste. 910

Louisville, KY 40213

4. Sears Credit Card Bill Payment In Person

You can pay your bill by visiting the closest sears area. This strategy is helpful and simple in the event that you are found close by or you are going to visit before the due date. Convey your bill statement with you at the store.

Pros and Cons of  Sears Credit Card

Sears credit card has both pros and cons as follow:

Pros of Sears credit card

  1. It has a rewards system based on points and you can easily redeem it.
  2.  Sears offers both online bill pay and paperless billing.
  3. You can also add additional users to your account at no extra cost.
  4. Monthly savings as well as special finance offers.
  5. Email notifications of special events and sales in advance.
  6. There are no annual fees.

Cons of Sears credit card

  1. Sears card has a high APR (annual percentage rate) when compared to other credit cards.
  2. The long wait for rewards. You have at least 1000 points.
  3. You have to redeem your rewards in 3 years.

If you know and pros and cons of sears credit card let us know via comment.