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Recently TikTok has been banned and then unbanned in India. And now everybody is talking about TikTok. Here I am writing about Tik Tok and how to make Tik Tok to make Tik Tok video

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What is Tik Tok?

Remember Vine? An app was built to share and make short videos viral. Like a vine, Tik Tok is also a short video sharing social media app.  Tik Tok allows users to create and upload videos up to 15 seconds long and share them with other TikTok users as well as through other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Tik Tok is strictly video-only format. You can create videos as well as react to other tiktok videos. The app has a ‘duet’ mode option. Using duet mode users can record video alongside another one in a split-screen format. The platform is flooded with memes, lip-sync videos and comedy snippets, all intended for nibble estimated amusement. The application has likewise been blamed the world over for empowering its young users— a large number of the young ladies — to dress provocatively and lipsync suggestively to tunes in a mission for more views.  The app has been blamed for cyberbullying and hate speech too.

Tik Tok has listed a minimum age of 13 for signing up for the app.  While under 16 is a majority of users on Tik Tok. You can easily download and install the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How To Make TikTok Video

  1. Install the TikTok app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  2. Open the app and create an account and sign in.
  3. After that tap the white “Plus” sign at the center of its interface. 
  4. It will open the camera of your smartphone.   You have to hold a camera icon to shoot video. On the camera screen, you will get a different video editing option.
  5. You can click a music icon to add sound to your video. If you want to shoot from front camera then simply click on Flip icon it will open the front camera.
  6. To minimize and maximize video speed tap on speed icon and adjust the speed of the video.
  7. Tap beauty icon to turn on or turn off beauty effect for your video.
  8. Click on filters icon to add a filter to your video.
  9. You can fix timer to your videos by taping on Timer icon.
  10. Click on more to see more video editing option. 
  11. In more, you will get Duration and flash option.
  12. You can set the duration of your video by clicking on the duration icon.
  13.  Turn on or turn off flash using flash icon.
  14. You can add different effects to your video by taping on effects which are located at the left of the camera icon.
  15. If you have already recorded video then you can upload it by simply clicking on upload option.
  16. Once your video is ready to upload click on next and it will process video.
  17. After that, you can use filter, music and other things which are mentioned above.
  18. Click next and type what you want to say about the video. You can add location,  tag friends, and make it public or set who can view this video. Click “Post” to publish your video on the Tik Tok community.
  19. You can turn off comments by taping on comments off option.

Thus, you can make and upload a video on TikTok

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