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Why Plenty Of Fish Is a Waste Of Time

Last updated on August 21st, 2021 at 11:40 am

Why plenty of fish is a waste of time? are you thinking same? then you are in the right place. Here we are talking about why plenty of fish is a waste of time. Plenty of fish is a famous dating site with more than 100 million members. Plenty of fish offers a lot of good features to users both free and paid that’s why it very famous worldwide. But everything has a good and bad side, previously I discussed the pros and cons of plenty of fish.Why Plenty Of Fish Is a Waste Of Time

So, why plenty of fish is a waste of time? Here’s plenty of fish review.  There are different points which lead spending time on plenty of fish for a waste of time. And that points are different for guys and girls.

Why plenty of fish is a waste of time?

Here are points and explanation which give you all answers to your question why plenty of fish is a waste of time.

Fake Profiles & Spammers

One main headache of plenty of fish is ‘Fake Profiles’. If you are the daily user of POF then I am sure that you experienced the fake profiles problem. Spammers create fake profiles and use to cheat other POF users. You can’t easily figure out who is spammer behind a fake profile. If you are a guy you will get spam messages from girl profiles and if you are a girl you will get spam messages from boys.

Unfortunately, you get trapped in a spammer, he/she will exchange some messages and ask you for your contact no, personal email id and after that, he/she will demand money from you. In case you spotted fake profile or spammer and you notified the same thing to plenty of fish customer support, and due to less staff POF will take a long time to respond your query and you feel like plenty of fish customer services does nothing to remove fake profiles or spammers.

Crime & Blackmailing

Sometimes plenty of fish leads you to unwanted crime and blackmailing. Some criminals use plenty of fish to find the victim to commit a crime. Recently I read about plenty of fish rapist jailed after rugging a terrified mum and subjecting her to a nine-hour ordeal.

No profile verification on plenty of fish so careful while start conversion on plenty of fish. Sometimes you will start sharing messages with a stranger and later you start sharing private photos with he/she and that stranger is criminal he/she will start blackmailing you and dry out your hard earned money. I just read about plenty of fish blackmail case story.

Too Many Ads

You will fade up with too many ads if you are using the free version of plenty of fish. And these ads are quite irritating and you clicked on ads you will land on different websites which divert your focus from POF. If you want to get rid of these irritating ads then you will have to purchase the premium account along which you will get some others features too. It means indirectly plenty of fish force you to buy their premium version plan and it will cost you monthly.

This is my personal point of view of why plenty of fish is a waste of time. If you faced any trouble from POF users then you will feel plenty of fish is waste of time. Otherwise, there is a lot of POF success story too.

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