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Cloud computing technology is very popular now days. I already wrote,about advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. Cloud copmuting has two type based on cloud location and service that the cloud is offering.Based on cloud location you  can classify cloud as: a)public b)private c)hybrid d)community cloud and based on a service that the cloud is offering, you  can classify cloud as : a)IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) b)PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) c) SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)  d)or, Storage, Database, Information, Process, Application, Integration, Security, Management, Testing-as-a-service.

Private cloud technology

Here I am explaning  private cloud computing and about private cloud technology.As above mentioned,private clouds is one type of cloud computing which is based on cloud location.It’s ok,but what is defination of private cloud?A private cloud is a specific model of cloud computing that includes an distinct and secure cloud based condition in which just the predefined customer can work.Privte cloud also referred as corporate cloud or internal cloud.private-clouds

Private cloud service will reduce costs and it will more efficient.In any case, under the private cloud computing, the cloud  is just accessible by a solitary association, subsequently furnishing that association with more noteworthy control and security.private clouds will give computing power as a service inside a virtualised domain utilizing a fundamental pool of physical registering resource.

Private cloud is best one for security because it minimizes the security concerns.It also gives companies direct control over their data. So if you are looking for secure your cloud storage then go for private cloud technology.

Features of private clouds

Security & Privacy

While public cloud computing offer a specific level of security, private clouds are the more secure choice. This is accomplished utilizing particular pools of asset with get to confined to associations produced using one association’s firewall, committed rented lines and on location inside hosting.so it minimizes the security concerns.Private clouds provides more privacy as compared to public cloud.

More control over network

As a private cloud is just available by a single association, that association will be able to arrange and oversee it inline with their requirements to accomplish a custom-made network arrangement.It means,that particular organisation has more control over their private cloud.

Advantages of private cloud

Cost and energy efficiency

Executing a private cloud model can enhance the distribution of assets inside an association by guaranteeing that the accessibility of assets to singular offices/business capacities can straightforwardly and adaptably react to their request. They make more effective utilization of the figuring asset than conventional LANs and can likewise decrease an association’s carbon impression

Cloud bursting

A few suppliers may offer the chance to utilize cloud blasting, inside a private cloud offering, in case of spikes sought after. This service enables the supplier to switch certain non-delicate capacities to an open cloud to free up more space in the private cloud for the touchy capacities that require it.


Indeed, even where resources  are facilitated inside, the production of virtualised working conditions implies that the system is stronger to singular disappointments over the physical infrastructure.


Private cloud technology provides high level of utilization.It is scalable in the size,so size of data centers can be changeble according to need.

Improved performance

The resources inside your private cloud infrastructure are at the transfer of your organization and your organization alone. There is no dispute with different organizations for limit and far less possibility that a malicious attack against another firm will influence your capacity to work.

Disadvantages of private cloud

Platform scaling

Since you are probably not going to need to hold huge, un-used limit, in light of the past point, vast upward changes in your necessities are probably going to require scaling of the physical framework. This is fine yet may take longer than essentially scaling a virtual machine inside existing limit.


With restrictiveness comes expanded cost. On the off chance that you intend to assemble your own private cloud, you confront an extensive capital cost. Luckily, you can lease your private cloud from a facilitating specialist co-op, for a month to month charge, and still advantage from every one of the preferences.


With a private cloud, the cost of limit under-usage is a cost to you, not to your supplier. In this manner overseeing and amplifying usage turns into your worry.

Thus private cloud has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.If you want more privacy and security go with private cloud technology.


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