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WhatsApp To Bring Back Old Status Feature With ‘About’ Description

Take chill pill.Facebook owned WhatsApp has at last accepted that ‘Snapchat’- fying WhatsApp wasn’t one of their brightest update. WhatsApp owners have pondered this fake pass. Best part is, the WhatsApp is working to bring the great old text based status featurecto vindicate itself.We spotted WhatsApp old status feature on Android beta.

The feature is live in Android beta version 2.17.95.The feature is still being tested, but this show that it should come in the stable version soon.Beta version shows both old and new status feature,it means new WhatsApp Status to remain as is.

In beta version WhatsApp brings back old status feature in about section, it means you can now see status of your WhatsApp contacts any time.In new status feature this facility was absent.So people was unhappy with new WhatsApp status upadte so finally whatsApp desided to brings back WhatsApp old status feature.Show below mentioned screenshot in WhatsApp beta version.whatsapp-old status

It means you will be able to put up a status text message, which is reflected on your profile page. And this status won’t vanish unlike the photos, videos and gifs shared under the Status tab that disappear after 24 hours.

You can easily test this old status feature by just downloading WhatsApp beta version.Once you downlaod whatsApp beta version of WhatsApp ,To view or set a status, you  have to tap on three dots given at the top right corner of the WhatsApp interface and then go to Settings. Next tap on the display picture and go to ‘About and phone number’. Set your status just like earlier and same options like Busy, Available and others to choose from.settings_whatsapp-old_status

We also noticed that WhatsApp contact option icon is moved down which was  up in old and current  WhatsApp version.whatsapp_contact

In beta version you will also notice that, 3 dots moved from middle to right and new sratus update icon is moved to downold_new_status _update

WhatsApp seems to be working aggressively on its interface to give  better  experience to its over 1 billion users across the globe.  In an another beta update, the chat app has introduced separate buttons for voice and video calls.  This makes it quick and easier to initiate calls through the app.separate_video_audio_call_button

Also the company has relocated the attachment icon. Now user can find the attachment icon in the text box itself, next to the camera icon. Earlier user had to scroll to the top of the screen to find the attachment icon . The empty space left behind by the attachment is taken by the video call button.attachment_icon_whatsapp

You can also noticed that you can see status of all users in your WahtsApp contact list. So now keep calm and wait for universal WhatsApp upadte or you can try WahtsApp beta version to bring back your old whatsApp status feature.

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